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House Cleaning for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and this most wonderful time of the year calls for the need to make sure your house is in the most wonderful condition. Your home should be in tiptop condition before you start decking the halls with Christmas decorations. It would be really ugly to have dirt around your Christmas tree…

Here are some easy ways to keep your home clean for the Yuletide season:

1. Clean your kitchen cabinets with warm water and dish soap

Those disgusting-looking brownish grime have been on your cabinets for ages. You might think it’s difficult to get rid of them, but all you need is really warm water and some dish cleaning detergent.

Put the cleaning mixture into a spray bottle and start spraying on areas with grime. Give it a good rub with a piece of cloth and your cabinets will look as good as new:

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2. Clean your windows on a cloudy day

The trick to having clean, crystal clear windows is to do your window-cleaning duties on a cloudy day. On a sunny day, the cleaning detergent gets dried up faster, leaving ugly streaks on your windows. So, it’s better to pick a cool day to clean those windows.

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3. Use toothbrushes for those cracks you can’t reach

Toothbrushes are designed with thin bristles so you can clean those narrow spaces between your teeth. Similarly, you can recycle old toothbrushes to clean crevices between basin and wall, pipes, taps, and tap holes. A mixture of warm water and detergent will do the trick!

Photo credit: Consumer Reports

4. Start vacuuming from the furthest corner of the room

Vacuuming the wrong way will leave annoying dusty footprints as we go about our cleaning duties. The correct way to vacuum your rooms is to start from the furthest corner of your room, then slowly work your way towards the door. This way, you can avoid stepping on cleaned areas, saving you from another round of sweeping and vacuuming.

Photo credit: I Should Be Mopping the Floor

5. Clean the fan using an old pillowcase

Why? So that you don’t need to sweep and mop the floor afterwards. Simply slide an old pillowcase over a blade of your ceiling fan and slowly pull the pillowcase back. This way, the dust will be collected inside the pillowcase, preventing any dust from dirtying your floors.

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