Mobile Phone Trends In India 2015

Mobile Phone Trends

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s a given fact that the mobile industry is seeing an exponential growth year after year. The mobile phone landscape: India 2015 sheds some stats and numbers on the extent of this unprecedented growth in the country.

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With almost twice the mobile phone launches than two 2013 to the substantial increase in the number of smartphone brands entering the country, the Indian smartphone market seems to have seen it all, and it’s not a surprising fact that it will become even more competitive in the coming years. The bulk of the growth is defined by the budget segment, where feature phones have grown at a staggering 63 percent compared to 30 percent by their smartphone counterparts. Even in smartphone segment, the major growth came from the sub-Rs 5k price range. Consequently, major international companies, which until now dominated the premium segment, have been forced to reconsider their offerings in the budget territory.

Brands like Lenovo and ASUS, as well as debutants YU and OnePlus, have risen in popularity at the expense of already well established brands like Samsung and Sony. Moreover, the customers have given utmost importance to features and value for money and are willing to try out new brands.

Furthermore, the report also focusses on the most popular and searched for smartphones across various categories and segments, and awards the ones which stood out from the rest. The report includes many interesting insights to what shaped the smartphone market last year, so do take a look at it.


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