Money Savvy Wedding Plan Guide – Infographic

The average wedding in the United Kingdom would cost around $25000 which is far more than the annual income of a middle-class family. The expenses for the wedding is increasing day by day, all we can do is to fix the priorities and spent accordingly.

Since childhood, every girl dreamt of a stunning fairy-tale wedding. But these days, having an ice-land theme wedding, a boho-chic wedding or a beautiful beach wedding, every wedding theme would cost the same, until and unless you finalise the budget.

Keeping this as the significant concern of every bride and groom MME Prestige has created an infographic that contains some incredible tips that hoe bride and bridegroom can save huge chunks on their wedding. These ideas might be not everyone cup of tea, but they are worth following. Let’s have a look at the fascinating Money Savvy Wedding Guide Plan – Infographic.

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