Rishikesh The Best Place for Outdoor Adventure with Your Family

Warmer days in Uttarakhand is the eye-catching beautiful scenery and greenery is the things that you are waiting for, and summers are the main reason to explore and enjoy your vacation.

Rafting In Rishikesh

Everyone wants to spend time with their dear ones and Rishikesh is one of the places where you can find spirituality, ashrams, yoga temples, meditation, pollution and traffic-free place but moreover the outdoor adventure which completes the vacation cycle.

Outdoor Adventure in Rishikesh

Mountain biking/cycling is another immensely popular activity here, with an abundance of bike trails scattered all across the state. If you’re a casual pedaler, there are hundreds of miles of paved, flat trails, whereas outfitters across the state can provide all the gear needed for a two-wheel outing.

Rishikesh may be landlocked, but don’t think there aren’t any shorelines! If you and your family are fond of boating, you’re bound to be delighted by the innumerable acres of boat-worthy water, along which you can glide across many lakes and reservoirs.

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Doesn’t the idea of horseback riding with your family during summer vacation excite you? Gear up for Rishikesh then! Go for guided trail rides against the scenic backdrops, and you’ll spot amazing views of wildlife and points of interest. Dude ranches also combine the delightful experiences of weeklong stays, great food, tailored riding instruction, kids’ program and cattle gathering to let you have the time of your life!

It should hardly come as a surprise that countless whitewater lovers flock here if you know that the headwaters of four major rivers begin in Rishikesh – the Rishikesh, Ganga river. The swiftest whitewater occurs in May and June, while the ideal season for kayaking and whitewater rafting continue till September.

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You can also have a ball learning to kayak and raft in Rishikesh, as the state boasts of abundant outfitters, paddle-parks, placid lakes, mellow rivers, and challenging rapids. Rafting near Ganga River is also a great idea to create some of the best memories with your family. Rafting also allows you fun and safe whitewater adventures with your family.

So now you know where to head for the next summer vacation with your family, and you have reasons galore!

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