Should You Buy a Used Maruti Swift?

The market for used cars in India is very high and the business is growing at a tremendous rate. The dealers for used cars are selling good cars in good condition at very attractive rates. They are also providing finance and insurance options which hard to get in used cars.

Maruti Suzuki Swift
Red Maruti Suzuki Swift

Used Maruti Suzuki Swift

Thus if one takes a decision to buy a used car they will gain certain benefits and they are as follows:

The most important reason for people to choose for a used car is because of its affordability. The used car is comparatively much cheaper than the new one and is excellent for people who are in search of a car within a particular budget. Though if the car is at a very good condition then one can think of increasing the budget.

The used cars are easily available at a good price rate than the new ones. People do not have to search a lot for used cars and they are quite easily available in every city.

The rate of depreciation is quite low for used cars. The new cars get depreciated faster as their value is lost within a few years but the used cars lose their value slowly.

The dealer makes sure that the buyer also gets insurance for the used car.

There are several banks and other financial institutions that do provide loans for used cars. The repayment method is EMI with low interest rates. The interest rates for used cars are fixed on the basis of the age of the customer, profile and the model of the car. The interest will be high if the loan is for a long period of time.

When it comes to used car buying Maruti is such a brand in India that can be trusted blindly and the resale value of Maruti cars are always good. Maruti Suzuki Swift among all the options will be a great choice for various reasons.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift was first launched in 2005 and over the years there has been up gradation of the model. Over the years the company has tried to fill in the loopholes and satisfy its customers.

This car is available in total 4 variants. There a petrol and diesel engine as well. The 1.2K petrol engine has a displacement capacity of 1197 cc. The maximum power produced is 83.1 bhp along with a torque of 115 Nm.

The mileage offered is 20.4 kmpl. The exterior and the interior of the hatchback is equally impressive. Exterior wise this segment is one of the most attractive ones than its predecessors. It has a curvy body with the front grille which looks stylish, large headlamps, ORVMs, fog lamps, bumper etc.

The overall front side and rear look is very appealing. The interior is also spacious and comfortable. It is a 5 seated auto with a well equipped infotainment system. The company provides several safety and braking options too like dual SRS front airbag, anti theft system, automatic lock system, child lock etc.

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