Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home

“Home sales are coming down from the mountain peak, but they ill level out at a high plateau – a plateau that is higher than the previous peaks in the housing cycle.” –David Lereah

Selling your homes in a competitive real estate market can be a daunting challenge. There are a lot of factors that come into play, and with real estate magnates and developers swooping on potential homebuyers necks with their promises of flexible payment options and low down payment schemes, the competition has become, if possible, even stiffer.

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sell your house

So, how do you, a simple homeowner who wants to close a sale compete in a market that is dominated with various competitions and what kind of edge do you have over real estate agents and developers who have had years and years of experience behind them? Well, to know what that might be, you can start by reading this list. It might not guarantee that you would sell your home right away, but whether you are selling a house and lot in San Fernando or elsewhere, you can guarantee that your prospects for making and closing a sale will be much higher and better. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1.Set a realistic price

Have a professional assess the real value of your home and cut at least fifteen to twenty percent off the price. When you are pricing your home, remember to do it impartially and do not let any feelings of sentimentality overwhelm you. Consider than in pricing your home, your prospective buyers would not feel the same sense of nostalgia as you probably would, so price it realistically and potential buyers will come in the droves. It might be a risky move, and most sellers would not want to risk it, but it is the best strategy to sell a home in today’s market.

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2.Conceal your pets

You might think that your friendly cat or dog might endear potential homebuyers when they are in your property for a site visit. But, consider that not everyone has an affinity for pets and keeping them in plain view might cost you a sale. The cat’s litter box, a bowl of dog food and some pet dander might potentially turn off your prospective buyers. More often than not, this gives your home the appearance of being unclean and you being unprepared. Conceal those pet accessories and your pet when you have potential buyers over.

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3. Do not go crazy with upgrading

Typically before selling any homes, it would bode you well if you did some quick and minor fixes and it would always pay off. On the other hand, exhaustive and extensive makeovers are ill-advised. The money you have invested into a major improvement project cannot be taken back and it is likely that your prospective buyers would rather pay for a house without a major renovation they do not necessarily need. In lieu of major renovations, do small fixes instead and do updates that will earn you profit. Upgrades such as a fresh coat of paint, clean curtains and replacing small fixtures such as cabinet hardware, door handles and closet doors are all great starts.

4. Light it up

The lighting of your home can significantly impact how you stage your home and its potential for sale and profit. It turns out that after location, good light is one of the things that every buyer cites that they want in a home. So, take down the drapes and clean the windows. Invest in lamps and lights that really illuminate your homes and cut the bushes in your lawn to let the sun rays in. Stage your home to look bright and cheery and potential homebuyers will be more receptive to making offers.

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5. The first impression is your only impression

Unlike in any other aspect of life, you cannot do “do-overs” when it comes to making a first impression on your potential buyers. The first impression is the only impression you would ever get and that is your only chance in wowing them which means, you should make it matter. It does not matter how great the interior of home actually is if it is filled with clutter and grime and it would not matter much to them how you cleverly staged your furnishings if the interior is generally dirty.

Remember that above all, making your house presentable is key or all of your endeavours in trying to sell it will be for naught. Make your potential homebuyers feel warm and welcome, but most importantly make them feel at home. Do not simply give them a tour, give them an experience and you will be assured that your home will be one of those homes they will be considering.

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