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Unique Pool Design

The right swimming pool design will dress up your home while providing you with an enjoyable place to lounge as well. Read on to learn about some unique ways to make your pool stand out, and you’ll be ready to call your pool contractor (or visit a site such as https://www.contractorstoday.com/swimming-pool-contractors-near-me/ to compare pool contractors in your area) and have him come start building.

Submerged Step Pool

Give your in-ground pool a beautiful and unique look by having your contractor add in a large step that goes through the shallow edge. The step makes getting down into the water easier for little ones, and it’s a cool lounge area for one or two people.

Woods Edge Pool

In warmer climates, a pool set up right along the edge of a forest line is an ideal project. It takes a bit longer to clean out the leaves, but the water stays cooler and there’s nothing like lounging in a shady pool on a hot summer day.

Manmade Swimming Pond

A Carefully built rough-edged pool surrounded by aquatic plants in a separate container can transform a standard swimming pool into an enticing natural-looking swimming hole. Work with a contractor and landscaper to pull this cool design off and you’ll love it.

Rock Wall Pool

Transform the standard look of an in-ground pool with a beautiful mix of natural rocks going up one wall for a unique design that you can be proud of.

Mosaic Tile Pool

For a very cool and unique look, line the bottom of your pool with a mosaic tile with a pattern that you really like. It will help the pool stand out and really make it pop.

Rock Retaining Wall Pool

Have your designer built a retaining wall several feet back from one side of the pool, and plant beautiful shrubs all along it to create a natural privacy barrier and infuse some beautiful plant life into the final product.

Hot Tub Pool

Have your contractor install a concrete hot tub at one end of your in-ground pool for a jet-infused, heated corner for you to relax in when you’re tired of swimming laps.

Rustic Pool House

At the edge of your swimming pool, have contractors put in a stylish timber-framed pool house that provide an overhanging for relaxing under when you want a bit of shade.

Fountain Pool

This beautiful in-ground pool design has a raised-up edge with several fountains that circulate water through the pool while creating a beautiful water feature.

Built in Lounge Pool

This luxurious in-ground swimming pool comes with built-in chaise lounges throughout one section for relaxed lounging.

Each of these unique pool designs will bring something different to your home and help set it apart from others. A skilled contractor can help transform these ideas into a real swimming pool that you can be proud of.

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