Car Maintenance Tips During Monsoon

Car Care Tips

Monsoon or the rainy season is the period in which cars become extremely prone to accidents, since the risk factor while driving a car heightens to significant levels during rains. While controlling the rains is obviously not in our hands, taking care of our cars to avoid unforeseen situations during this season definitely is! The reason why we must take extra care of our car is because there are many risks involved during rains which can cause hazards.

Here are some tips to take care of our cars during the rainy season.

windscreen wipersThe windscreen wipers must be in a great working condition, since they are essential to wipe the excess water off the car wind shield, and make way for a clear vision ahead. It is advisable to replace the old ones with a new pair of wipers, since they do suffer from wear and tear on being exposed to various environmental conditions like air pollution which results in accumulation of a layer of grime and oil on the wiper blades, rendering them ineffective. In addition to this, the cleaning fluid should also be replenished and refilled.

The second very important thing to do is to check the condition of the tyres. Worn out tyres are a complete no-
check the condition of the tyresno during the rains and should be immediately replaced well before the start of rains. Worn out tyres can lead to aquaplaning and skidding of the car. A tyre in great condition helps the water to flow through its grooves which helps to avoid skidding and aquaplaning. Also you can get some mud flaps fixed for convenience, since tyres splash around a lot of water; and in order to prevent your car from spilling dirty water on the cars behind you or even on the passersby, mud flaps are useful.

Do make sure to wash your car regularly during the monsoon, to keep it clean and also to avoid rusting.wash your car regularly during the monsoon Rain water and mud which the car accumulates while travelling through heavy downpours are damaging for metals. It is also advisable to coat the underside of your vehicle with an anti rust painting. This painting prevents the car from getting damaged from the underside as well as inside. Also make sure to place floor mats and seat covers which can protect the car upholstery, since rains inevitably cause muddy footwear and damp clothes which can spoil the interiors of the car.

For some Rain Driving Tips you can visit Indian Blue Book.

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