Why A Pre-Monsoon Check-Up Is Essential For Your Car

With monsoon just around the corner and pre-monsoon light rains already having starts, it is time for you to gear up and prepare your favourite speed machine so that it can face the monsoon with ease. Here are a few pre-monsoon car care tips:

Check-up and servicing: Pre-monsoon servicing of your car is the most important thing to do. Your car must have fared through scorching heat during the hot summer. So, it is important to check that it is ready to face clogged, water logged roads in heavy traffic areas that are obvious results with the onset of rains. We must ensure safe driving during the monsoons.
Check tyres: Make sure to replace cracked tyres and check air pressure to make sure that the tyres are properly balanced and aligned to your car. This will prevent your car from skidding on wet roads. This is all the more essential when the first rains arrive.

Check the brakes: It is very important to make sure that your car brakes are properly oiled and are functioning correctly, because you never know when you may have to hit the brakes during a heavy downpour and on a wet slippery road, chances of brakes not working in waterlogged areas are high.

Car frame protection from rust: The metal framae of your car protects its internal components from moisture and the resulting rust. So keeping it clean and scratch free for avoid corrosion is very important. As we all are aware, water corrodes metal.

Protect the car paint: You can get a wax coating done for your car just before the rains start, in order to protect the cars’ paint from the rain. Alternate dry and wet weather stretches can cause the paint to fade and come off.

Check the head lamps and tail lamps: Ensure that the head lights and tail lights are functioning properly since during a heavy shower, visibility is low not only for you but also for the driver behind.
Clean and dry damp seats: It is almost impossible to avoid the extra water that goes inside your car during the rains affecting the seat covers, which can cause foul odour and damaged quality. To avoid this, vacuum cleaners can help to wipe away the dampness. Keep the car doors open under a shade to air-dry the interiors.

Use a car perfume: Foul smell due to damp seat covers is common during the monsoon. Moisture results in mould which is unhygienic also and humidity worsens the case. In this case, a nice good perfume in the car can help.

Use old seat covers and mats: There is no point in spoiling brand new covers, so you can also remove the mats and reuse the old seat covers and mats for the monsoon.

Source : Indian Blue Book

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