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Building a concrete driveway isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are different materials, aesthetics and many other factors that need to be considered while building a concrete driveway. Some of the factors to be considered are –

Purpose of concrete driveway

The primary objective of a concrete driveway is to provide safe driving space for the vehicles. Sometimes the concrete driveways are used for parking vehicles in commercial establishments, big institutions. Some companies build a clean concrete driveway to make the environment more likeable to their employees and most importantly to their clients. Also, these parking spaces might need to accommodate garbage bins, signage, and other types of components. Hence, it is imperative for a builder to consider these factors before constructing a concrete driveway.

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The overall design factor is one of the primary considerations to be made for building a concrete driveway. Also, the user might be looking for the ideas to maximize the overall space for parking. Many of the experts recommend engineers to design the driveways in such a way that the water can run off quickly and withstand landscaping, material, and load. In addition to this, the builder should check which designs are allowed by the local authorities before going ahead with the construction.

Also, the construction expert should look at the plan of the concrete driveway very closely before going ahead with the construction. Important questions to be asked during this stage is: Where to turn the car before parking? Is the driveway to be built on a hill? Is there any kind of obstruction in the way where the concrete driveway is to be constructed? Also, the width of the driveway is determined during the design phase. The width is measured with the help of a measuring tape.

While determining the obstructions that are proving to be a hindrance to the construction, the builder might come across vegetation that is not useful. Hence, the builder should clear this vegetation in order to construct the driveway without any kind of trouble. The other factors that play a role in the design phase is determining the underground facilities that need to be modified before building the concrete driveway

Cost Estimate to Construct the Concrete Driveway

This is a very important part of the entire construction of the driveway. Some people prefer to prepare a budget and then begin with the construction of the concrete driveway. Some of the factors that need to be considered in the costing aspect are the type of materials that are used in the construction, and the total labour cost.

Evaluate the Soli Bearing Characteristics of The Site

Soft soil needs to be enhanced to support the movement of all kinds of vehicles. This enhancement can be carried out with the help of sand, gravel, and many other types of materials. If the construction engineer is in doubt about the kind of enhancement materials to be used, he/she should consult an expert before carrying out this activity.

Building the Sides of The Driveway

This can be done by driving metal or wooden stakes at certain points where the car will egress the road. This will help in clearly visualizing the path of the driveway.

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Many builders use steel reinforcement to provide additional load bearing capacity to the driveway. It is very important if the driveway is exposed to heavy traffic. Reinforcement is very useful, but it can ensure that the cracks do not occur completely. However, it plays a crucial role in holding the entire driveway together. The reinforcement is added in the form of steel rebar or wire mesh that is installed in the form of a grid pattern.

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