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How would you like your car dashboard as versatile as your laptop? A wonderful idea, isn’t it? Well, the days are not far away when you can access all kinds of technology while inside your car as well. Soon, the current technologies like satellite radio, CD players and navigation screens could be things of past. It would mean that you would not have to give up Wi-Fi and other technologies while travelling in your car.

Changes to Look Forward

Even now, automobile companies like Ford, Kia and the like are offering their customer technologies like Ford Sync and Uvo, to name some. These technologies have already made life easier for the users. Soon, they will offer further features like an integrated media hub as well as in-car Wi-Fi, which would let the driver and passenger access internet while travelling. Soon, cars will have not only latest entertainment features, but also technology to increase driver awareness, reduce distractions and other such desirable features. Moreover, it is said that as the electric vehicles become popular, they will change the way in which the automobiles connect with infrastructure.

Expected Changes

At present, most of the in-car technologies are hardware based. In future, this would undergo a change. When that happens, you would no longer need to resort to physical installation of new equipments. Instead, a new software update can be easily used to access the advanced features offered by new technology. For instance, the My Ford Touch is an all-in-one platform offered on cars like Edge and Lincoln MKX acts as a multi-dimensional system offering entertainment, instrument cluster, voice commands, and other features.

In such cases, adding a new feature would not require the purchase of a new equipment, but installation of new software to access the new technology on offer. Most importantly, all these features can be highly integrated with the existing device. This is because the makers rely on the standard technologies already available in these cars. It means that these technology updates will not result in added costs. In case of MyFord Touch, many of the software can be manually added using USB, if in-car internet is not available.

Hardware changes

It is important to notice that certain hardware changes are unavoidable. This is mainly because the existing hardware may not be compatible with the software changes. However, as the time goes by, the hardware changes would be reduced to the minimum as makers will take care to make the devices compatible with new technologies and software. As such, the devices would not need periodic upgrades.

Hardware Technology

Whatever may be the changes, it is sure that they are aimed at ensuring more safety and ease for the drivers. As such, these changes are welcome.

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