5 Metal Roof Issues That Result in Leakage

Metal Roof

Structural integrity of the roof is imperative for the longevity of any building structure. Not only does the roof acts as the first line of defense against the vagaries of nature, but it also helps insulate the interiors from outside temperature. As roofs are exposed to changing climatic conditions, they are likely to sustain extensive damages or develop innate contingencies over a period of time. In such scenarios, it is necessary that you hire a reliable multifamily housing contractor and get your metal roof repaired.

It is also advisable to devise a regular roof maintenance plan to prevent expensive roof repairs and replacements in future. This blog post discusses five such scenarios wherein you need to consult a multifamily renovation and construction contractor.

1. The roof has an improper slope

One of the primary reasons metal roofs develop leaks is that they have an improper slope. Metal shingles require a minimum of four inches of rise to every 12 inches of roof run, while standing seam roof structures have minimum 3 inches of rise.

Often, multifamily housing owner or investors forget to seek clarification from their housing renovation contractor regarding the roof slope, and as a result, the installed roofs ends up with an improper slope. In case your roof experiences leakage, you must seek help from a contractor in assessing the roof slope first for any contingencies.

2. The metal panels are improperly locked

Metal shingles and standing seam panels that are poorly secured to the roof deck, are easily blown away by high speed winds during a storm. Homeowners in areas that are prone to high-speed winds, therefore, must seek help from an experienced roofing contractor in determining the rating of the installed metal roof panels on their roofs.

In addition, there are chances that the roof develops a leakage, with the metal panels now eroded away. You must replace the blown away panels immediately, and ask your contractor to secure them properly to the roof deck.

3. You have leakage in the chimney, Skylights, or roof penetrations

Metal roofs, often develop leakages in critical areas where flashing is not installed properly, such as roof penetrations, around sky lights or chimney base. Improperly installed flashings can result in openings in the roof structure from where rain water seeps in and reaches the attic. You must seek assistance from a reliable multifamily Renovation contractor in identifying and repairing any leak in the flashing details.

4. The roof coating is peeling at places

Often metal roofs that have an improper slope, tend to develop cracks in the elastomeric urethane or acrylic roof coating. These cracks propagate with time, and together with the accumulated rain water, cause rusting of the underlying metal panels.

In areas where the coating is coming off, rainwater and winds can easily penetrate to the roof deck, and aggravate the leakage extent. You must seek assistance of a multifamily housing contractor, who can help you identifying the possible instance of leakage and get it repaired on time.

Wrapping up

Metal roofs are robust, energy efficient, and have longer lifespans than several other roofing systems. There can, however, be instances when the metal roof damages may compromise the structural integrity. Rain water and high speed winds are the biggest concerns for roofing structures with metal shingles, and can deteriorate the roof, resulting in leakages.

It is extremely difficult to identify the starting point of leakages because they can shift from their point of origin. It is, therefore, advisable to hire a reliable multifamily housing contractor and seek assistance in addressing the roof contingencies.

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