5 Reasons For Buying Natural Charcoal For Your Hookah

Hookah At Shisha Lounge

Majority of the hookah users might easily recall the moment when they got the quick light shisha charcoals in order to save time and enjoy a quick hookah session.

Using natural hookah charcoal is seen as something difficult and a laborious task by most of the hookah users due to the time it takes to light and gets the hookah ready.

Natural Charcoal For Your Hookah

But as it is true with everything, there are pros and cons of using each. We have assembled a list of advantages that you should know about the use of natural hookah charcoal over the quick light verity.

No Chemicals

The natural charcoal does not contain any man-made chemicals, unlike the counterpart that has an abundance of chemicals to make it accelerate the lighting process. Therefore, natural charcoal doesn’t have any additional taste, and this allows you to truly enjoy the shisha flavours purest taste without letting your taste buds fight with any kind of annoying taste from the charcoal.

No Aroma

Many of the hookah users must have noticed that the quick light charcoal has a distinct aroma to them, well, this aroma interferes with the fragrance of flavour and at times can result in a lousy hookah session. But, the natural hookah charcoal doesn’t have any kind of aroma and burn without getting in the way of your hookah experience.

Last Longer

Natural hookah charcoal lasts a considerable amount of time longer than the quick light charcoal. For the quick light charcoal it usually takes about 30 minutes to run out, but the natural charcoal will last you for more than an hour. So you don’t have to change the charcoal or cut the hookah session short.


Eco-friendly and produces less residue

Due to the fact that it is natural and contains no chemicals, natural hookah charcoal is eco-friendly to use and also produces 80% less ash residue after burning, unlike the quick light charcoal. Natural charcoal also doesn’t turn your hookah bowl and stem black because of the reduced ash produced.

Safe to use

Natural charcoal is a lot safer to use than the quick light charcoals and protects you from getting carbon monoxide poisoning. These are some of the main reasons as to why the natural hookah charcoal should be used over the quick light charcoal.

You can easily find lots of shisha lounge london that provide you with the natural charcoal, as lighting it at home can be a hassle due to the long time it takes to ignite.

But the benefits far outway the time and we hope that this information can help you decide the right charcoal the next time you plan to have a hookah session.

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