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A recent study conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute revealed that only 2% of enterprises are considered as data protection leaders, and shockingly, half of organizations have no disaster recovery plan at all. This study clearly indicates that businesses are not at all confident in their ability to recover lost data. This means for enterprises, data backup is essential because it might happen in future that they lose all of their critical business information due to unlikely situations.Cloud-Backup

In a dynamic business world where nothing is predictable, data loss is not an option for any enterprise or organization. ‘Backing up’ data using cloud backup solutions is important for smooth running of any business. Don’t confuse cloud backup with cloud storage! Cloud backup provides you with the ability to automatically back up and store your files, applications, and servers safely for recovery purposes. Let’s check out here why you need online backup solutions as a second tier of data protection:

Reason #1: Compliance
Business have started to realize the importance of backup as a service (BaaS) as a critical component of maintaining compliance with regulations related to data recovery, accessibility, and management. With cloud backup technology, organizations can observe the standards for their data and change/update their regulations to remain vigilant to cloud changes.

Reason #2: Data Recovery
A University of Texas study conducted in 2007 showed that 43% of enterprises that suffer data loss never reopen. Cloud backup solutions guarantee the restorability of all business data in case of hardware failures, database corruption, and even natural disasters. By ensuring your data is regularly backed up, you restore it to a human-error-free state.

Reason #3: 24*7*365 Management
Today, customers want their data to be accessible whenever they want. In case of emergency if your business is not able to provide round the clock service, your customer might switch to your competitor. With cloud backup you can manage enterprise data 24*7*365 to help customers with any issue during IT or natural disasters.

Reason #4: Automatic, Auto-secure, and Scalable
Online backup solutions allow organizations to create backup for all data automatically everyday. So there is no need to specifically use traditional forms of backup devices for recovery purposes. They can recover everything simply just at the click of a button. Cloud backup is also scalable depending on your needs.

Reason #5: Cost Efficiency
Last but not least is the cost efficiency associated with online backup. This solution comes in a monthly subscription payment model. Monthly payment structure for cloud backup is much less than the cost per gigabyte of backup tapes.

Cloud backup solution is like an insurance plan for ensuring business continuity. Every enterprise is susceptible to data loss. Make a fast data recovery plan by hiring a cloud backup solution provider in Canada. When your business will use cloud backup services, you’re not required to worry about valuable business data. Whether it’s internal threat such as human error or external issue such as natural disaster, a business will always have the peace of mind with cloud backup solution.

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