5 Red Flags That Says You Need A New Car Battery

New Car Battery – When to have it

The low battery of your car can put you in trouble any time at any place. It may not be possible at every location to get help from a friend or mechanic. It is better to check your battery and charge or replace it at the right time.

The battery gives us a lot of warning signals when they are about to fail. It is essential to replace the old battery with a new one before it strands you in the middle of your journey. This post shares the top 5 warning signs that indicate that your car needs a new battery.

Dim headlights

When the battery of your car becomes low, it does not provide the required power for the electrical components. Your car headlights and other components do not get the sufficient electrical current, due to which all the lights become dim.

Dim Headlights
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The dim headlights of your car are easily noticeable as it leads to poor visibility in the night. The LED headlamps like the LED driving lights 4wd Gatton are dazzlingly bright, but they also get dim due to the weak battery current.

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If you notice the headlights or fog lights becoming dim on your car, it is a sure shot sign of low batteries. The dim headlights are not only a safety issue but also a sign of weak car battery. If you notice dim headlights on your car, get your battery recharged or replaced before it halts you in the middle of your journey.

Key sound

When you insert the key to start your car, the battery sends the current to the starter to get all the components ready to work. If the battery is weak, it sends a weak electric current to the starter solenoid.

When the starter receives a weak current, it makes a clicking noise that you can hear. If you notice a clicking noise while you turn on the key in the ignition, it is a sign of weak battery. So, it is better to check your battery if you hear the clicking sound.

Low Battery Fluid Level

There is a fluid indicator in the car batteries, that is translucent, that is meant to check the level of the battery fluid. People usually don’t check the battery fluid level and keep the car running at a low battery. If the level of fluid is below the lead conductor plates inside the battery, then you need to test your car battery and charging system.

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Low Battery Fluid Level
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If it is not possible to check the fluid level on your own, consider getting it checked by a local mechanic. Sometimes the battery may need to be refilled with distilled water, but sometimes you need to change the electrolyte. It is better to check the fluid level on every service if your car battery is more than three years old.

Engine cranks but doesn’t start

When you turn the key, if your engine cranks but does not start, it means that your car battery is not providing the sufficient current for starting. Sometimes the problem might be in the car starter or some other part, but most of the times, the problem is the weak battery. Even if the ammeter reads a good reading, it may be a few volts less than what your car needs to run.

Engine Cranks But Doesnt Start
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You can use the jump starter kit to get your car running again and charge your battery by the alternator. However, it won’t last long and can run your car for one or two days. You will need to charge your battery again or replace with a new one.


Although backfiring is not a sure shot sign that your car battery is weak, but most of the times, it is a sign of low battery. Sometimes backfiring is a result of issues in the carburettor, but mostly it is a result of the low voltage current.

Backfiring is a common issue in cars that is caused by the intermittent sparks from the battery. It creates the fuel build-ups in the cylinder that ignites with a higher force than normal that causes the car to backfire. If it is not possible to test your battery or take your car to the service station, you must clean your battery to get the car going. Cleaning the corrosion on the metal around the terminals can help until you get your battery replaced.

Final Words

There are many signs of a weak battery that you can notice and get it charged or replaced at the right time. It is dangerous to drive a car with the low battery as it can stop anywhere which may lead to miss happenings or accidents. So anytime you notice the signs of a dying battery, get it replaced as soon as possible.

A dying battery is not a big problem, but a dead battery is a considerable issue. The points mentioned in this post are the most common signs of a low battery that car owners should know. It is best to replace your battery to ensure that your car doesn’t stop and put you in trouble.

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