5 Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Rental

Vacation Home

Homes are not just four structured and well-built walls, they are the place where people spend a lifetime and build their memories. It is the place where they spend a majority of their life and go through all the difficulties of life. Earlier, houses and property was just restricted to living and residing. Today, the scenario has changed and people want a second or third home as well. The extra home is where they can spend their vacation or have some quality time spent with their loved ones.

The concept of vacation home is adapted from the western culture and slowly and steadily, it is coming into the Indian lives and changing the outlook of people. People are looking forward to take property as vacation homes and give them on rent when they are not using it. This has dual benefits, as people would earn when the house is not being used by them, they would have a sure shot place to go anytime, and any day they want a vacation or a change from the mundane of life! A vacation home should not be as a normal home. It should be decorated and different! Here are five tips for decorating your vacation rental:-

Lighting: – the best way to give a cheap and simple change to the house is to change the lighting and make sure that it is different and unique. One can change the color of lights and adjust the light intensity according to the mood of the room. One can put up a vibrant color in the hall like yellow or orange, red in the bedroom, white in the kitchen and green in other room. This will also make the house look colorful unlike the regular and normal houses, which have either white or yellow bulb light.

Painting: – one can paint the walls of the house in some unique color tone and make sure that the walls are looking elegant and beautiful. People often want to save money and invest in normal tone colors but if one wants to stand out from the crowd, he or she has to use different color combinations and different interiors.

Wallpapers: – one can put up wallpapers at several places to ensure that the house looks different and picturesque. The wallpapers would add charm to the house and it would be more descriptive and interactive. Walls should not be plain and only filled with colors. There should be posters, stickers, paintings, photos, achievements, etc. stuck on it to make it more attractive and interactive!

Furniture: – one can use different and exquisite type of furniture to make sure that the vacation house looks decorated and refreshing. The house should be very different from the mundane house and should be good in its own way. There should be innovative furniture like slides and steps to go up and down, a jumping jack like bed to sleep, a fountain in the middle of the house, etc. This all may burn a hole in the pocket but it is guaranteed to make sure that the person enjoys life and loves the house.

Technology: – one should imbibe technology in the house to the fullest. There should be automatic lights and fans, USB ports instead of switches, led and color changing lights, etc. to make sure that the house looks futuristic and interesting!

Thus, these are the changes, which one can put in the 2 BHK for rent in Hyderabad, which is used as vacation home and earn a splendid amount of rent through it!

Nikhil Rajput is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. An engineer by credentials, analyst by profession, a writer by passion Hit him up on Twitter @imnikhilrajput for a quick chat on any of these topics.