A Detailed Chronicle On Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

A temporary protected status visa is given out to those individuals from a few countries, who are marked as unsafe by the US government. Needless to say, the temporarily protected status recognition does not allow an individual to apply for a visa. And within the period of time, when such a status is attributed to an individual, the latter is bound to remain in the United States. There is another category known as the TN status, for the Mexican and the Canadian workers.

A Canadian or a Mexican candidate who holds a TN status does not require to apply for the visa application. Prior to the travel to the US, they need not make any additional documents to assure their travel. They can directly proceed straight away to the US port of entry and just present some necessary documents except for the visa. Australia visitor visa from India is essential for any Indian to visit Australia whether on a tour or on business purpose. Visitor visa as we all know is a particular kind of a nonimmigrant visa for the individuals who desire to get into the United States for tourism or medical purpose (B2), for some temporary business  (type B1), for pleasure purpose etc. International travelers can also enter the country with a visitor visa and it, therefore, comprise a greater portion of the temporary visitors, who intrude into the United States per annum.

Temporary incumbents, students, journalists, professors and other individuals who plan to travel to the United States for a specific purpose other than which a visitor visa permits, should apply for a different category of visa from the list. The citizens of Bermuda and Canada who travel for the visitor visa, do not always require a visa with few exceptions. However, the candidates from few eligible countries who are permitted to enter into the US without a visa, are the foreign citizens who are touring for visitor visa purpose exclusively. But this is exclusively in the case when those particular people are coming through the Visa Waiver Program meets all the essential requirements, and also having an approval of the special electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA). Australian visitor visa should be made if a person desires to visit Australia only for leisure purpose.

Let us look at the different countries which presently participate in the visa waiver program.

  • From Europe, the Netherlands, Greenland, Denmark, Austria, Italy Iceland, Belgium, Czech Republic,France, Portugal, Finland,Germany, Spain, Norway, Hungary,Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Estonia, Luxembourg, Malta, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Latvia, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Slovenia Slovakia etc. and all the British citizens from the United Kingdom participate wholeheartedly in the visa waiver program.
  • Also Australia and New Zealand from Australia, as well as Japan, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea from Asia.

The Greek citizens are made eligible to travel to the United States without carrying a visa from April 2010. The visa waiver program however empowers the nationals of a few countries to trip to the US. It also entitles them the authentication to stay there for a maximum period of 90 days without having a visa.

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