A Perspective on Solar Lighting: Advantages and Shortcomings

Solar Lighting

In most of the metros in India, the outdoor lighting scene is changing fast. More people are opting for solar lights in their gardens. More than being a fashion trend, there is a genuine concern among the people about the need for conservation of the environment.

Switch to solar lights

So, when you walk through the streets of New Delhi, Aligarh, Budaun, Muzaffarnagar, Nainital, or Sambhal, you need not be surprised to see street lights without any visible electric wires attached to them. This is because the lights use solar power. In fact, the solar lighting dealer in Budaun is on the increase. More people have changed over to solar lamps for their gardens.

A solar setup

So, with the usual setup one needs for any solar installation consisting of the array of solar panels, an inverter, the PCU, and the charge controller, you can supply the power for any electrical appliance such as a lamp. Since each lamp has its own solar panel there is no need for any wire.

You have to choose a panel big enough to generate enough electric power to keep the lamp burning for the whole night. But, most installations have panels that give power for the lamp to burn through two or three whole days. This said, we come to the part where you connect the inverter.

One needs this if the bulb works on AC power. If you use a DC bulb then there is no need for an inverter. Similarly, since the power requirements are small, there is no need to connect a charge controller. You can have a row of lights in the garden, each with its own set of panels. In this way, you get your garden all lit up and beautiful without any expenses for the electricity.

Change to green energy

If you live in Budaun and plan to make the garden lights in your home solar, then contact the solar lightings distributor Budaun has and get more details about the power needs. When more people begin to conserve energy by opting for solar power, you will find less pollution all around.

There is an alternative too of course when one uses solar lamps. One may need the lamps indoors and for this the best option is to keep a set of batteries that you can charge and use. You will need to do the wiring of course but that is small work compared to the regular wiring.

Beautiful options in the choice of bulbs

You can choose beautiful lamps with colourful shades and in different shapes. This will add a touch of class to the decor indoors. When you use solar lamps, they will not heat up the room since the solar bulbs do not radiate too much heat. Seating the lamps on their own pedestal will help you carry it around to any corner of the house. This option is not possible if you use conventional wiring techniques.

Drawbacks in the solar lamps

There are some shortcomings if you decide to move over to the solar lamps. For one, the initial investment is huge. If you need more than one lamp, you might have to set up the entire solar panel installation so you have enough power. However, the savings will grow over time. Add to this, the way you make the carbon footprint small so the environment gets the biggest saving.

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