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Creation is solely dependent on love. The nature which we live in stands as an example as many of the living beings which are present on the earth are made out of love. Also the same love makes humans create many things. The major share of great arts or great monuments or great discoveries and inventions made till date can be accredited to the love which the people working on them had towards their work. People often mistake passion as love and think that passion drives them to be the best. But, passion is not a form of love to be specific, whereas passion is a strong emotion which is barely uncontrollable and this passion will not last forever as love does. Love is tenderness, an intimacy an affectionate feeling which is in control and most importantly it is not an impulse.

Love is an emotion which has patience and people who are truly in love do stick to their relationship/assignments even though they face any setbacks. Love is a sweet emotion which becomes the driving force in one’s life which make them get connected to their relationship/assignments emotionally over the time. Psychology says that love makes people more happy and healthy and also it increases their patience levels when compared to an average person.

Love is like a bright light which fills our lives with all colours. But when light is present, shadows will also be present. This shadows are mostly of human prejudices and egos. When egos and any negativity takes root then these shadows will make us loose the connection with love. When in love we need to get prepared to tackle these shadows as they will hamper our happiness. As said love is patience and it paves the way for us when the love is tested in the form of shadows.

Love is also a form of forgiveness which is also a form of the divine. People in love will experience divinity, they mostly forgive people without any egos and they are mostly void of any negative feelings. If people lack patience and forgiveness then their pursuit of love will never bear them the one they’re expecting and to better themselves they need to change their approach towards love to experience it and make their lives experience the joy of love.

We never actually fall in love but to be honest ‘Love happens’. And this love makes people to scale new heights and makes them rise in their lives. People who has truly experienced love can never go away from it, as love makes them a better person than the ones they used to be earlier. Finally, as said love is a form of patience and also it’s not a destination which is actually a journey which we all need to take in our lives till our last breath to have a better tomorrow. And this Love is acting as a strong metaphor since ages which is binding hearts, societies, nations. Long live ‘love’.

All of you have a love filled life.

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