An Overview of Cloud Telephony

The application and implementation of telecom services for the sole purpose of transmission of electronic data between two distant parties is referred to as telephony. In addition to this technology, when one tries to deploy these telephony services to a third party as an internet service, it is imputed as cloud telephony. Cloud telephony, also known as Hosted telephony, ascribes or refers mainly to voice services and most importantly to the replacement of adaptable or convenient business telephone accessories such as PBX(Private Branch Exchange) and VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). This technology aids enterprises manage their business calls without compromising on cost and quality.

Two of the major companies in this platform are Knowlarity and Ozonetel.


Founded in 2009 by IIT Kanpur alumni Ambarish Gupta, Knowlarity provides an enormous amount of services and applications to choose from including sales call handling services and cloud based customer services to ventures in Southern Asia and the Middle-East. Knowlarity comprises of over 15,000 happy customers in around 65 countries. It is the largest cloud communications provider body or company in South Asia and the Middle-East. Knowlarity’s flagship product, SuperReceptionist, is an all-in-one call centre solution consisting of features like IVR, multiple language support, CRM suite integration, Live reporting and others. Its other services include

  • Virtual Number
  • Click to Call
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • K-Broadcast

Knowlarity has also won multiple awards in the field of communication including

NASSCOM Emerge 50 awards 2012, Zinnov Award in 2015, Red Herring Top 100 Asia Tech Start-up in 2014 among others.


Ozonetel, another big company providing cloud computing or telephony services, is on par with Knowlarity. Three of its main solutions include:

  • Inbound Call Centre solution
  • Outbound Call Centre solution
  • Blended Contact centre

The Inbound Call Centre solution handles incoming calls and addresses the needs of the customers. Its features include:

  • Priority Routing
  • Hosted IVR
  • Skill based routing
  • CRM integration

The Outbound Call Centre solution provides a brisk or active platform to support multiple channels to improve the connection with customers. Its features include:

  • Preview Dialler
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Multi-channel Communication
  • Call barge-in and monitoring

Blended Contact Centre comprises of both Inbound and Outbound Call centre solution features, and has a major importance as it interconnects both of them.

Ozonetel’s Key customers include Big Basket,, Swiggy and many other big online services.

The Knowlarity vs Ozonotel contest does not have a clear winner. Knowlarity is available on a wider scale and has a huge global market under its wraps whereas Ozonetel enjoys growing popularity in India with its Kookoo enterprise platform. Knowlarity and Ozonetel have had varying reviews from their customers with respect to their pricing.

Ozonetel is mostly used by start-ups for their cost efficiency. Knowlarity is mostly partnered with big budget companies for its global recognition.

Though both of them have their peculiar advantages and disadvantages, they enjoy wide-scale recognition in the field of cloud computing and telephony by various enterprises.

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.