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iPhone Apps

iPhones are all the rage thanks to the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The great technology of Apple now comes in much bigger screen sizes which was a much welcomed feature. iPhone loyalists cheered to find their beloved phone and iOS now gives them the freedom to view the apps and work on them much more comfortably with ease and comfort.

If you’re an iPhone loyalist then you know the wait you’ve gone through to wait for the latest model and to own it like a boss. However there are a few apps that will bring out its productivity making it the ultimate weapon of envy. Here are a few apps on the iPhone and iOS platform that you must download now to make it much more exciting and productive:

Run Keeper

This is a great free app for fitness freaks who want to know the progress they make on a day to day basis. If you’re someone who likes going for a jog or a good walk, you can use this appt o further enhance your exercise experience by using your mobile’s GPS which will guide this app and show you your jogging as well as cycling routes and you can also study the amount of calories you’ve burned. This is a great way to set yourself a daily goal or target and stick to it and once you


We all love taking photos and sometimes what really hurts is that a perfect shot is captured but it could not capture the entire beauty of the background you wanted. Well PhotoSynth overcomes this technicality by allowing you to take amazing panoramic photographs to take in every detail your camera can capture without having to miss out anything again. The app beautifully develops the photos giving you a bird’s eye view and making beautiful memories.

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This is a great app that allows you to carry all your media with you even when you travel or don’t have access to your computer. Through DropBox, just sync the files you’d want to access later and through the app you can view them and even download them for offline purposes so you don’t have to fret even if you don’t have internet connectivity. This is great for people who run businesses as they can now interact with clients on the go without having to worry about the internet connection. Be it photos, documents or other important files, never lose them again thanks to this app.


Technology has come so far that we really don’t feel like we’re far from our loved ones anymore. No matter which part of the world you are, you can use Skype to make voice and video calls to connect even with those who do not have iOS or Mac as they would not be able to use Facetime. With an easy to use interface, Skype keeps you connected and you can easily share files and media as well and never have to lose touch with a loved one again.

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This too is a great entertainment app that keeps you occupied for hours on end and can even be a great hit when you’re with a group of friends. All you need to do is record videos while the app will provide the background audio for which you can lip sync. The results are hilarious and you can spread the cheer by sharing your creations with all your friends on social media through the app itself. Now you have access to a thousand voices and sounds through this cool app.

Phones have really simplified lives and without them life would really be a drag. However it’s the apps that actually make a phone interesting and unleash its real potential. This is why you must have these apps on your phone to enjoy nonstop.

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