B.Ed Course – Teach To Make A Better Future

B.Ed Course

Bachelor of Education is what the full form of B. Ed is. This is a professional degree of graduation, and aspiring students, who want to be a teacher in their future life, need this course program to fulfill their career dreams. Teaching is a profession where a teacher takes a huge responsibility the responsibility to educate children who are the future citizens of a country. They take the responsibility to take care of their well-being, how they behave and what they learn. The teachers help the students to form a better world for the future.

B.Ed-Course-with Students

B.Ed is needed to teach in Secondary and Higher Secondary schools. It is a course, which gives the right and the validation to teach in schools. In order to enroll for the B. Ed course, one needs to have a proper under graduation degree like Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor in Science or Bachelor in Commerce. Those who have attained a graduation degree in arts can go further and teach subjects like History, English, regional languages like Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Oriya. On the other hand, those who have completed their graduation with science can further teach Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Those who have a degree in commerce can teach Accounts and Finance in schools.

Enrolling for B. Ed classes is not an easy task though. There are many institutions that provide B. Ed classes in Delhi. Some conduct an entrance examination to take the best candidates out of all the aspirants to continue for their B. Ed course program.

The B. Ed course and its details

Before enrolling for a B. Ed course program or before preparing for the entrance examination, one needs to know the detail of the course and the things that this course offers to their students.

This is basically a one year course program, which has 2 semesters in it. At the end of the course, the institution also provides Practice Teaching for their students. In the course of Practice Teaching, a B. Ed student is sent to a school where they have the opportunity to take classes and teach the particular subject on which they have done the course. One can also go for a B. Ed course program from a distance course. For that, they need 2 years of time to complete the course.

In case of teaching in High Schools, National Council for Teacher Education is the core body. They only decide and regulate the course that should be taught in schools in India. The basic things that are taught to the B. Ed students, who have enrolled for the program, are Culture, Education and Human Values, Assessment of Educational Evaluation, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Psychology, Holistic Education and Philosophy of Education.

Despite of these rules and regulations, the aspiring teachers should note that being a teacher is not a very easy job. It is not only about the text books they teach to their pupils, but also about the human values and behavior they teach them.

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