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Getting presents is everyone’s favourite thing in the whole world. However, when it comes to picking the right present for someone we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Suddenly there are so many things to choose from, and it seems that you will never be able to pick the perfect one. Luckily for you, we offer you a list of appropriate, useful, cute, and stylish gifts you can give to your teenage children and be sure they will love it.

Something to help them relax

Teenagers are under a lot of stress, and they are looking for any way to escape the ‘boring real world’ they don’t feel too comfortable in. This is why they spend so much time listening to music and spending time with their friends; they are making their own small world to live in. If you want to help them relax and also spark their creativity, get them one of adult colouring books and encourage them to draw and colour. This is a form of meditation and it will help them relax and discover how creative and artsy they really are. They probably haven’t coloured anything since they were little, and if they really like what they have made, you can also frame it and hang it in their room.

Support their interests and hobbies

Gifts like these need careful planning; talk to your children and see what interests them most. Maybe they would like to take up a hobby, they like sport, modelling, or drawing, Photoshop, and photography. Talk to them about the importance of following one’s dreams and interests, and help them do something about it. Enrol them in a course in their field of interest, help them buy that nice camera they want, or you can give them some money they need to buy something they always wanted. The main thing is for you to be supportive and open; this is about what they want, not about what you think they need or what they should want.

Invest in their future

They are not little children anymore, but their safety will always be an issue for you as their parent. You cannot keep buying them safety equipment for riding a bike like when they were little, but you can do something equally useful and cool instead: get those driving lessons in a driving school. Safer drivers course will help them master the art of driving, but it will also give you a piece of mind knowing that they will stay safe in traffic and always be able to drive themselves home no matter where they are.

Carefully chosen jewellery

You may hesitate to buy jewellery for you boy, but if he likes wearing it, that should not be a problem. There are bracelets made of braided leather but also of stainless steel, and if you buy him something like this bracelet made of stainless steel bike chain, he will not mind wearing it all the time. For girls it is a bit easier, they might like pendants and bracelets with emotional and motivational messages carved in metal or leather. Delicate but meaningful gifts in form of real pearls or jewellery that is passed on from generation to generation are also a good choice.


Now, this is tricky, and before you choose the item you think they will like, you should make sure you considered everything: their personal style first of all. It doesn’t matter how much money you will spend on an item if they don’t like it and it stays in their wardrobe forever. If they like a TV show or a movie, you can buy them something with print or a quote from the movie/series: a hoodie, a T-shirt, tights for girls, and boxer shorts for boys. Get interested in what your children like: Game of Thrones? The Avengers? Batman? Star Wars? 9 Gag? Just pay attention to their favourite things and you will not make a mistake.

In the end, it is not really about what you give them, but about the occasion itself. Try to make the day fun and memorable for them, so that one day they can look back and say they enjoyed their birthday celebration. Be their parent and a friend, and try to ease their teenage worries; remember: teen years are tough on them just as much as they are on you.

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