Best Gifts to Make a Happy Valentine this Year

St. Valentine’s sacrifice is now celebrated all over the world among couples madly in love with one another as Valentine’s Day. Despite the controversy surrounding the importance of the day, it continues to be celebrated with aplomb. Usually couples spend every waking moment with one another on this day, showering one another with gifts and indulging in various activities like wine tasting, couple’s massage and candle light dinners. Gifts are an integral part of this day as they signify the love that each partner feels for the other one.

Singles too can have a whale of a time with other friends as restaurants and bars often have special menu and cocktails put up for the day. They can also seize the day and muster up the courage to propose to the “someone” who is close to their heart. Who knows, the day may just turn out to be lucky!

If you are wondering how to surprise your loved one, here are a couple of ideas that you can try out.

Valentine’s Day Card

The biggest highlight of the festivities is Valentine’s Day cards which have been in circulation since the 1900s. The designs of the cards have been modified over the years although there are a couple of motifs which continue to be there- teddy bears, roses, bouquets, men and women holding hands etc. It is one of the most quintessential things of V-day and if you are thinking of celebrating then it is a must that you gift one to your partner. You can find great cards made by Archies or Hallmark with sweet nothings printed inside. You can also buy a blank card to pour your feelings out into. It is something that your partner can cherish for life as it has no use value- only sentiments associated.

Best gifts for her

Selecting the perfect gift for your girl depends a lot on her personality and taste. If you have been with her for long, then you are more likely to be aware of her taste and hence be spot-on in picking out the best gift for her. However, if you haven’t been together for long, it would be safer for you to choose something that is impersonal yet appealing.

Some of the gifts that you could give to her are:

Perfumes – Girls love good perfumes which last long and leave a lingering fragrance long after she’s gone. Companies such as Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Elizabeth Arden and Davidoff have perfumes which exclusively cater to a woman’s sublime and delicate personality. Consisting mostly of citric smells combined with that of spices, these fragrances shall last long and keep her fresh. Simple sprays on the pulse points are all that it takes to make her ready for a night out.

Purses – Girls carry a purse despite a large hand bag for practical purposes. From mobiles to money to credit cards, girls keep practically everything in their purses. You can pick up a few good looking clutch purses for her online from lines like River Island, Hidesign and Caprese. To make it a little personalized, you can include a photo of you both with a message at the back. It will definitely surprise her to the hilt and will make her love you more for your thoughtfulness.

Watches – Despite the multitude of jewellery owned by girls, they still go gaga over watches. The sleek bands coupled with ornately designed dials look chic and elegant on a girl’s wrist. Since this is a special occasion, you should go for a metal band watch with a dainty dial that has embellishments on it. You could have something engraved at the back which will remind her always about you. Companies such as Titan and Sonata have a premium line-up of watches available that you can choose from. They are quite affordable and will fit your budget perfectly.

Dress – Unless you know your girl well enough, you should not go for this option as it may turn out to be a damper. However, if you are familiar with her size, styling sensibilities and preference, you can opt for it. Special designs are available from lines like United Colors of Benetton and Mango which will definitely touch her heart. It would be very romantic of you to buy the dress that your girl once wanted to buy. It would show her you pay a lot of attention to what she says and are aware of her tastes and preferences.

Perfect gifts for Him

Choosing something for a guy can be difficult because of the limited options that are available. Guys usually do not appreciate cheesy show pieces or romantic poems. However, there are quite a few gifts that guys usually go gaga over and you will definitely give him a great surprise by showing him you care enough to get something that he would love using or has been wanting for a long time. If you look hard enough, you can find such items well within your reach.

Here are a couple of ideas that you could execute this V-day.

Video games – Almost 7 out of 10 guys love playing video games. If your guy loves playing video games as well, you could get him a couple of DVDs of the latest war games that have been made available in the market. Owning an original copy of a particular game will definitely delight him and he would love that you thought of him in the way he sees himself.

Blazers – No matter how your guy looks, a blazer will definitely make him stunning. Quality blazers which are worm and have been finished finely will definitely be a great addition to his closet. Go for darker colours which can be worn to all occasions including office conferences. Blazers usually cost around Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 and they can be worn for a very long time, provided they are maintained well.

Perfumes – Men’s perfumes are one of their major accessories because a man’s scent always precedes him. Perfumes for men are usually heavier in scent to make a man appear enigmatic and appealing to all. Extracts of musk, citrus fruits, and cedar wood and cacao pods are some of the ingredients in these perfumes. Perfumes from Hugo Boss and Burberry are available which ar especially made for men.

Wallets – Men make use of their wallets much like how women use their purses. You can find finely crafted wallets which have detailing around the corners. They look suave and will suit your guys’ personality immensely. Tan, black and chocolate brown are some of the hues which will definitely appeal to him and bring out his inherent manliness.

Activities to pursue together

As a couple you would want to spend some quality time with one another. If you have been together with your partner for long enough to believe that you need a “we” gift rather than a “me” gift, these are some of the things that you can go for.

Spa vouchers – To make it a special day for you both, you could sign up for a couple’s massage where both of you will be pampered together. It will definitely make you feel plush and special. Spa vouchers usually do not cost much although Valentine’s Day special vouchers may be a little more expensive. Spa sessions are carried out by trained professionals who make you put your guard down within minutes and soak in the peace and tranquillity instantly.

Couples’ cooking classes – A lot of celebrity chefs have started conducting couples’ cooking classes which last 2-3 hours and allow couples to connect over soulful gourmet food. Usually 3-4 items are prepared during this time by the couples themselves, following the instructions given out by the chef conducting it. After the dishes have been prepared, couples get to enjoy the fruit of their hard labour. It is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other couples for double dating in the future. Usually you need to book your slot in these classes beforehand so that the chef can arrange for ingredients and a place for you.

Salsa nights – Salsa is one of the most sensual dances that you can engage in. The motions and the music are extremely sensuous and will be the perfect foil for your relationship. You can be close to your guy and get rid of all your inhibitions. You can dress up in your finest clothes and enjoy a night out with the guy you love so much. Salsa nights too need to be booked in advance because they are available only for a small window.

Road trip – Nothing is more romantic than skipping work and driving off to an unknown destination. If you live near Mumbai, you can drive off to Lonavala or Khandala while Delhi-ites can drive down to Alwar in Rajasthan or Agra and eat out at the dhabas located along the road. Bangaloreans can head for Coorg for a romantic lunch at the hill station.

The bottom line of Valentine’s Day is it gives you a great opportunity to spend some time with your beau and you should definitely make the most of it.

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