Black Wood Chips & Mulch – Some Valuable Points to Understand It Better

No matter if you have a small yard or a big garden, odds are, you probably know basics about mulching. Gardeners use the method as a means to control the soil temperature. The soil in gardens will remain moist when you do regular mulching. Some gardeners are more focused on landscaping and modern gardening strategies, ignoring the amazing benefits of traditional mulching. People want more color options and orderliness in their yards, which the reason why there are so many varieties of mulch these days. Out of all, black wood mulch is the most popular one owing to its attractive color.

Blackwood chips are the best; however, there are other colors too! These include brown, red, and white. It depends on you which type you select for your individual needs. Black bark mulch has more heat retention capability, and it rarely loses its color in sun exposure. In the colder seasons, you can even use black plastic mulch to keep healthy vegetables growing in your backyard. The reason is mulch is rigid and has impressive warming effects on the ground it is introduced.

Paper mulch and wood mulch are the two most widely-used types of mulch in home gardens. Some do not prefer paper mulch for commercial use, but it’s recyclable and apt for domestic use. The other option, black wood mulch is also a feasible choice, that is natural and makes your garden soil healthier. Somewhat similar to the red mulch concerning the role played, the difference lies mainly in color. The black bark chip mulch gives a sharp contrast to your green and colorful garden plants.

That’s another reason why so many people prefer black mulch over other options. Another benefit of black wood mulch is it can’t harm the lifeforms like animals and people. The mulch is generally dyed using natural substances for more aesthetics. Such a technique of mulching helps to highlight your garden in its black background.

Black Wood Chips Mulch

Having said that, it does not mean there are no flip points about this variety of mulch. The issue arises when you buy it without reading the product label with care. Some stubborn manufacturers use the prohibited CCA – Chromated Copper Arsenate while treating the wood. The chemical is responsible for polluting the garden plants, not mentioning the ill-effects on nature.

The actual, natural mulch is made up of wood chips, pieces, and shredded barks; and it is raw. They are then dyed using vegetable dyes or iron oxide – which aren’t harmful to anyone or anything. So the next time you plan to buy mulch for your garden, make sure you give some time to read the ingredients of the product carefully. If you buy the CCA-based mulch, it will affect the major part of your ground as soon as it is spread.

During the bad climate, for example, rainstorm or heat, the harmful chemicals found in CCA cab mix with the soil, and make it toxic. So whenever you purchase mulch, no matter black wood mulch or any other type, your first priority must be to conserve the environment. That’s exactly why one should pick mulch smartly.

Constant exposure to the sun can cause fading. Not only that but also heavy rains and snowfall can lead to fading away of the black color. The result – a pale ground that does not look anywhere close to before.

Given that, you should invest in the best-quality mulch, so there are more benefits and hassles in mulching your garden. You can also buy wood mulch online from reputed sites like Black Forest Tree Service. Whichever type of mulch you pick, make sure it goes well with your landscape, is natural, and made with the best care.

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