CBSE Boarding Schools In India

A boarding school refers to a place where you learn to create a home with your classmates, teachers, senior students and junior students of the same school. They become the one you care about the most after your family. It helps you to learn the importance of your own home, own family and shows you that why should you never take them for granted.

Although at first you may be excited to get away from your parents, enjoy the freedom and live with your friends often the kick of nostalgia sets in within few days and you start to miss your mom’s home cooked food and your fights with your siblings. Also there comes the increased responsibility of doing all your chores by yourself and taking care of your own stuff. If you misplace your stuff, only you will be responsible for it. So gradually you will learn to be responsible and disciplined.

There are certain things you must understand when you are going to live in the best boarding schools in India CBSE, ICSE and state board ones alike. Nobody is perfect and there will be certain people with qualities that you won’t approve of but you have to be calm and friendly with everyone. Even your friends may act different when you start to live with them for a long period of time so you will have to make adjustments. Being stubborn and not making friends is not a way of life and gradually you will have to make friends. Friends and classmates in a boarding school acts like a family and care for each other. There are teachers present all the time so doubt clearance is not an issue. Extra classes are conducted by them.

You must bring a lot of your clothes, all of your books and copies and other required things that you may need. Some gadgets are allowed with viable restricts in the CBSE boarding schools in India.  You can follow the regulations and bring in the allowed gadgets to stay in touch with your family and other entertainment purpose during your pastime.

A perfect dorm environment requires proper sharing of resources and space. Someone who creates a nuisance in the dorm by playing loud songs, disturbing and interrupting everyone’s sleep or study time will never be welcomed in the boarding school. The staff of the boarding school is usually very strict as they have to deal with all kinds of students, throughout the days and nights.

The teachers reside in the campus only and are always there for the students .The study system is a bit different and mostly stricter in this kind of schools where you will have to deal with teachers and classes even in the evening hours. In the evening classes often the revision of the morning classes is done and the students are given tie to read and clear their doubts.  But in the end it only helps to boost your academics as you don’t get much time alone with your idiot boxes like television and PlayStation. The students in the boarding schools have good grades, a disciplined life and a mature brain.

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