Changes In Baby Activity During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

With the time of pregnancy progressing forward, the vital organs in the baby keep developing fully. This developing state creates changes in the activity of the fetus which in turn helps in understanding the health conditions of it. The changes in activity of the fetus occur sequentially with changes in the body each month. When the baby grows properly some activities they commonly show are body movements and kicks.

Changes In Months Of Third Semester

Changes in each month are easily understood by the mothers because they can feel the changes in themselves. Each month is special because of changes occur in the number of kicks, body movement or contractions. With the delivery time approaching they increase in frequency as well.

The mothers can check movement of the baby through ultrasound. They can even check the number of kicks with the help of kick counter bracelets and counting kicks during pregnancy is considered important by many mothers because it helps them keep track of their baby. An active baby is always considered to be healthy.

During the seventh month of pregnancy, the fat deposition occurs in the baby. They develop an important sensation which is hearing. The position change of the baby turns very frequent and thus it starts responding to external stimulus. Since this month premature delivery can lead to a healthy child after doctors perform some treatment and medication. Life risk of the baby is decreased.

With the start of eighth month of pregnancy, the frequency of kicks start increasing and that occurs because the baby grows and tries to make room for itself. Brain development stays at its peak in this month and thus internal organs stand developed perfectly by the end of this month. Thus kicks increasing are clear indication of the due date for delivery approaches. Thus while going through pregnancy kick counter is a great way to keep track of proper baby growth.

During the starting stage of the ninth month, baby keeps growing and lungs are formed perfectly, helping the baby sustain oxygen intake from air and the reflexes develop in a great way so that they can respond to any stimulus. This is the perfect condition in which birth of the baby takes place. There are major changes in position that facilitates delivery of the baby and in turn, makes the mother stay away from complications.

The different stages of development occur sequentially and with increased activity if the baby and more painful cramps it is easier for mothers to detect the approaching of the due date for delivery. An anomaly in this activities needs to reported to the doctor so that they can check the state and offer medication that can normalize the issues.


During the late stages of pregnancy major development occurs in the head region and thus with increased reflexes the activities increase as well. There is more number of changes that occur physically which the mothers can recept than the other months and thus proper measures need to be taken to make it easier for the mother.

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