Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Vehicle

Positive Shipping Experience

If you have a vehicle in your possession that needs to reach a new home, consider hiring a professional auto transport company to take care of this task. Auto transport companies make shipping easy by offering cost-effective transport solutions for all sorts of automobiles. Everyday, highways around the globe are filled with trailers hauling automobiles.

Shipping A Vehicle

Auto shipping is safe, reliable and grant’s peace of mind for anyone who takes advantage of the service. Your vehicle is an investment that auto transport companies want to help protect. Like safety, customer satisfaction is at the top of a professional transport companies’ priority list.

Tips on How to Have a Positive Shipping Experience

With your help, an auto transport company can have your car safely delivered to any location you have in mind. What you can do to make the shipping process run smoothly is simple. Make sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

A mechanic will be able to identify any issues that the car might have. Even though your vehicle might be running smoothly, you should still have it inspected to be     %100 certain everything is in proper working order. Cars that are leaking oil or fuel can pose a threat to the other vehicles on board.

Hiring a Legitimate Auto Transport Company

When there is money to be made in a business, you can bet everyone is going to want a piece of the pie. Invest time into finding out how reputable the company you are interested actually is. By checking out their website, you will be able to make a safe assumption as to what you can expect out of the company.

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These days, scam companies are easy to spot. Falling prey to their schemes is unlikely, but Even if the company is legitimate, you are going to want to be sure they have enough equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Among many common mistakes to avoid when shipping an automobile, hiring a less than reputable service is among them.

What Are the Ways to Ship an Automobile?

  • Enclosed Transport
  • Open Air Transport
  • Door to Door
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Container Transport

Professional auto transport companies will have more than just one shipping option available. To understand how the different types of shipping work, contact a transport company today. In fifteen minutes you will even receive a free no obligation quote.

How Do Transport Companies Calculate a Total?

To make things realistic, the price for auto transport is different for everyone. When it comes to how much it will cost you personally, the company will need to include how far the car will be traveling. The weight of the vehicle also matters when putting an end total together. The shipping option you purchase plays the biggest role in how much the rate will be.

Fortunately for shippers, auto transport companies make their services affordable. You might need to save a paycheck or two, but that’s all it will take to recruit assistance from the best in the business. If you are a first time shipper or you have more than one vehicle to ship, you should qualify for a deal.

Finish a Checklist before the Ship Date

The agent that schedules your ship date will be able to provide you with a list of tasks to complete. Some of the tasks include checking the oil, tire pressure, topping off the fluids, and making sure to document any existing damage. Doing this will ensure that the vehicle is safe to transport and it will help you file a claim in the event of an accident.

Create your own inspection report sheet and give a copy of it to the company. Before your vehicle is loaded onto the trailer, it will undergo a brief inspection. This is considered to be a last measure to make sure the vehicle is a good candidate for transport. After the inspection is over, you will sign off on the document and await the safe delivery of your automobile.


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