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What is a home theatre? As the technology advanced many of things that we are experiencing in our daily lives, it thought of advancing the movie watching experience too. There are different types of crowd all over the world. Some enjoy going to the theatres to watch movies, other want to stay in the comfort of their own house and watch their favourite entertainment package. the is where the invention of a home theatre clicks n. a home theatre is nothing but a high quality sound system which delivers the exact movie theatre feeling, inside the walls of your own house. A home theatre can be very simple or it can have a complex design. But the foremost responsibility of a home theatre is to provide the top quality video watching experience.

How do you know that you have the best home theatreĀ for your house? Choosing the right home theatre equipment is a very challenging option. You always need to consider the design of your room first. The rooms design will help you further in deciding which is the right choice of machinery that you should install. Flat panel HD TVs are the best option for connecting a home theatre. This television set once connected to the basics of your surround system can blast your senses with impressive sound. There are a variety of companies which build the top quality HD plasma television sets like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic etc. these are all the hot trend companies in market today which offer the best quality television for your house. The new LED TV set is the reason why now every single person can enjoy a 3D movie by sitting at home only. The TV can easily be connected to a blue ray and a surround system and you are good to go.

The working of these home theatre systems is very simple and it has no complex installation procedures. The home theatre 5.1 means that the system has 5 channels that is the number of speakers with which the system is build up. These five channels are the ones who are responsible for the entire surround system mechanism of a home theatre. The system also contains a subwoofer which emanates the appropriate bass set by you. If you want to build a theatre of your own in your house then it is recommended to use a surround system 7.1 or more otherwise a mere 5.1 is enough to rock your neighbourhood. Every surround spend system comes with a sound bar which is the main machinery that connects all the speakers to the main base speaker of your TV. This sound bar is the foremost important object which delivers the surround found concept.

The entire electronic set up is the intelligence of the entire system. They are ones who are responsible for receiving the signals from the source device and it deals out the signals to all the speakers that are present in the system. The system is also rooted with a/v receivers which are enclosed in a box and receive all the signals of the system. Whenever an electronic good is shopped the most important thing that is to be kept in mind is that make sure the product contains more than enough input jacks so that all your source devices can be easily connected to them. The term is HDMI.

All these factors are to be very well kept in mind before purchasing a home theatre system. Knowledge about the product that you will be purchasing with a lot of amount is very much essential. It is seen frequently that people go and buy electronic goods themselves but at the end what they find out is that the device is not at all compatible with the source one this is a very common problem of this century as the technology has advanced beyond many limits but the knowledge section of many remained just the same. It definitely takes time to acknowledge something but it is very much advisable to take that time to learn about a product and then make the appropriate decision that is too made. It is just a method of precaution that is to be maintained.

Design of the system is also one factor that draws customers to companies. People want the best looking and best performing device to be set up in their house so that they can have the best possible experience.

The top two best products in the market are the Philips products. But there always remains a question of which one to buy. This article gives a comparison of the Philips DSP 2800 home audio Vs Philips DSP 30U home audio.

The DSP 30U provides a rich sound quality and the speaker are generously built to fill up your rooms with the perfect bass that this system offers. The speakers give the best possible sound which surrounds your senses totally and livens up your living space. This device is compatible with many source devices like CD, DVD, a TV and even a laptop. You can also directly play media files by injecting an USB device. The entire system comes for a price of about Rs 3780.

The Philips 2800 device has all the similar qualities like the 30U device. It has generous speakers which provide a very luxurious sound delivery and is also responsible for waking up your senses. This is a compatible device that can play songs from CDs, DVDs, a TV and even computer or a macbook. The entire system comes for a price of Rs 2114 only.

Both the devices deliver rich sound quality in affordable ranges. Both of the surround system is also installed with the same design; both of them have square shaped speakers which are available only in black colour. But performance wise the Philips DSP 30U has proved to be the best among these two in all aspects. the difference margin of the devices is very little in comparison.

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