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Quite recently, there has been a boom of start-ups. So, what is a start-up basically?


Dictionary gives the meaning as – a newly established business. And there have been a few remarkable players such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and FabFurnish.

Initially, you don’t need a huge investment. All you need is a quirky-idea!! E.g.: Flipkart, a brain-child of two IIT’ans Sachin and Binny Bansal have crossed 1bn$ in sales revenue. Bottom-line is – If you have an idea, just get it worked! & you will have venture –capitalists at your doorstep to fund your dream. Just a few months back Tata Sons Ltd have made a strategic investment in e-jewellery Company known as Bluestone.com.

So, I would like to put up some start-ups:

We all have been a part of arduous task of finding a suitable house in a new city or any place for that matter. So, Housing.com comes to the rescue!! It is yet again an another story of two IITB graduates Mr. Advitiya Sharma and Mr. Rahul Yadav (assisted by some fellow peers from their college).It was launched two years back. ‘The company was setup after the founders could not find a suitable house in Mumbai after graduating.’ The site has an interactive map, filtered results include available rooms, lifestyle rating, Child Friendliness Index (WHICH I FEEL IS THE MOST EYE CATCHING TRAIT! As it is based on number of schools, hospitals, parks in proximity) and an option to search Paying Guest (PG’s) rentals. (https://housing.com/in)

Indian market is a giant market with numerous companies. All companies are engaged in a fight-to-finish strategy. So, a robust customer support calls for real-time effective platform to serve this need. As a result, freshdesk was founded in 2010 by Mr. Girish Mathrubootham and Mr. Shan Krishnasamy. Since, then they have been catering to 3M, PETRONAS, HONDA, goodreads, HUGO BOSS to name a few! (http://freshdesk.com/)

As we know, PI’s or personal interviews are mandatory pre- requisite to grab a job! College mates Mr. Ravisankar & Mr. Harishchandran K wanted to make this situation easy. They created a simple platform to conduct mock interviews for software companies. And VOILA!!! It has become a choice for niche recruiters like Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon & Yahoo. (https://www.hackerrank.com)

Goonj was founded by Mr. Anshu Gupta in 1998. They have connected the rich and the poor by launching the initiative ‘Cloth for Work.’ Clothes discarded by the urban masses is given to the rural population engaged in building bridges, digging wells, repairing roads. What a noble cause!!! (http://goonj.org/)

Gram Vaani Community Media
India has a vast rural population of 68.84% according to 2011 census. We know very well, that rural population does not have adequate access to electricity, water, education, health facilities etc.
So, Gram Vaani is a Facebook for the poor. It was founded by Mr. Aaditeshwar Seth and Mr. Mayank Shivam in 2009. They have created world’s first voice-based social media platform to enable rural people to share and address their needs on a phone call. The platform addresses local governance, conducting e-commerce and information on employment. (http://www.gramvaani.org/)

So, if you have any striking idea at the back of your mind or at the bottommost corner of your creative drive, best is to go out and give it a try! Chances are you can be the next billionaire in the making!


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