Decisions That Changed Uttar Pradesh, Thanks to Yogi Adityanath

Though Yogi Adityanath is one of the most popular politicians in India currently, his firebrand politics has left many critics awestruck. Not just he has been successful in coping up with policy paralysis but have transformed the way the bureaucracy worked so far in the state.

From transferring senior officers to maintaining law and order, he has been so far successful in proving himself. Fans have made all possible efforts to contact Yogi Adityanath through his social fan pages but he hardly gets time to reach out to them. If you too are his fans, be proud of his decisions that he took very recently-
1) Yogi Adityanath waived farmers’ loan worth Rs 36,000 crore that relieved thousands of farmers from the bank debt.
2) Yogi also ordered a crackdown on Illegal slaughter houses and meat shops to prevent unregulated meat supply in the market.
3) He also brought zero tolerance policy for illegal smuggling of cow meat. Police offers were given special orders to bear no mercy on accused.
4)Yogi also ordered his ministers to stop using red beacons atop vehicles.
5) All advisors and head of government agencies, those appointed by previous government, Samajwadi Party were removed or transferred from their posts.
6)Yogi Adityanath formed Anti-Romeo Squad to prevent eve-teasing in 11 districts of Lucknow zone.
7) Adityanath also asked his ministers to disclose their assets, monthly income and submit the details to BJP Secretariat.
8) UP CM also banned gutkha, paan masala and all types of tobacco products in government organisation, offices, hospitals and schools etc.
9) Yogi Adityanath has pledged to make all UP roads pot-holes free by June 15.
10) New  Uttar Pradesh CM has also ordered to launch FIR against those government teachers who are taking private tuitions.
There are many other decision taken by him since the time he had assumed the charge as the chief minister. These are just top decisions taken by Yogi Adityanath so far. Though Yogi Adityanath’s contact number is available widely over the internet, you can reach out to him at his official address in Lucknow.

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.