Evolution in Auto Industry

Since the chance discovery of wheels, man has always wanted to make its life easier by finding newer ways of transport. Starting from bull or horse driven carts and carriages, man’s endeavour to search for faster mode of transport led to the invention of the first motor powered automobile in the late 1800s. The credit is often given to Karl Benz of Germany but the actual discoverer of automobile still has a big question mark hanging over it. Prior to that one used steam powered vehicles too. The motor vehicle has gone through a series of advancements and newer fuel options keep coming up like CNG, LNG, solar powered, biofuels and many more apart from the traditional petrol and diesel powered engines.

Used Cars

The early history of the automobile can be divided into a number of eras, based on the prevalent means of propulsion. Later periods were defined by trends in exterior styling, size, and utility preferences. Every area has its own specific style and design. Previously every auto car maker had there definitive style statement too which distinguished them from the others. Previously the competition was not too fierce with only a few automobile companies prevalent in the market. However as time progressed, a number of automobile companies emerged all over the world, especially in Japan and European countries of Germany, France etc. This led to a more competitive field with each company trying to out-do its competitor by bringing out newer car variants in the market which are more technologically advanced.

Advancement in science and technology have undoubtedly made auto industry a burgeoning field. Every passing day there are newer discoveries which can be utilised to make better car parts and other gizmos. The competition is so fierce now that car companies have their own laboratories with scientists coming up with newer technologies exclusively for them.

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As the standard of living rises up people try and fulfil their life-long dream of car purchase. The increasing demand of cars in the market have led to launch of new cars every other day. Previously the car companies launched newer variants once in a few years but now one can see newer variants being launched by each car maker every year. This has definitely increased the new car population in the market but that is not the end.

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Another new concept which has flourished in the past few years is the one of used cars. This is a relatively new idea which has gained popularity. Previously owning a second hand car was looked down upon but with rising prices of every commodity it seems like a favourable option to many. One may still have a lot of apprehension about 2nd hand car but the cheaper rates and vast options one gets is luring more and more people to opt for this choice and the auto industry has seen a surge in used car sales in the last few years. One never knows what the future holds for auto industry but one thing is for sure the upcoming innovations are going to take the world by surprise.

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