Fashionable Trends Changed With Time

Clothing is a basic need of human. Clothing is basically used to protect ourselves from different types of insect bites, poisonous plants and many more. It also helps us protect our skin from the ultraviolet rays. But in this modernized world where fashion is the biggest trend, one just can’t pick a cloth and wear that. They also have to be concerned about the recent trends and work according to that. There are many clothing styles which are now trending in the market. As in the 21st Century, western clothing style is almost considered as the international style, no one wants to wear backdated, out of trendy clothes.

Fashion is a term which specifies clothing, accessories, makeup, hairstyles etc. Fashion differs from man to man and country to country. Different cultures are there all over the world. Fashion is also gender specific. Now everyone is trying to adopt the western culture. Fashion trends are actually differs depending upon the different factors like political, economic condition, social etc. Most of the fashion trends are being affected by the political laws and norms. Political issues are a reason behind the change in the style statement. Political figures also have a huge role to play in these sorts of trends.

With innovation and technology, the trends have modernized. People are designing clothes using technologies. With these technologies, even the simplest clothes are becoming the new trends. The recent hype to buy products is so exciting. For example, you purchase burka online which is one of the most ordinary dresses for Muslim women. Now using the technologies and putting perfect accessories that burka can become the new trend. India is considered to be a country where fashion and style statements are backdated but now the dates have been changed. People are more concerned about the fashion statement in shirts, pants, skirts even including the traditional outfits.

With respect to the economic influences, the fashion trends change. People are always searching for products which give them long durability, look good and also cheap at the same time. These requirements are making the designers life hard. Also, social influence puts a great value on fashion trends. With the help of social Medias, celebrities, fashion magazine people are now well aware of the recent trends. People are more concerned about copying or getting the clothes like their heroes.

There is not much in the offer for men clothing. But there are lots of varieties in the women section. Lehenga, salwar, churidar, burka, jeans, skirts and much more are there for women. To get discount, replacement facilities and many more advantages people now like to buy things from online. Sari, shorts, burka buy online is so easy nowadays. With some accessories and makeup, one can get the preferable look. As time changed the trends have also changed. In some places, people are still not allowing their women to wear clothes which they want to. This scenario should be changed. As we are progressing towards a modernized world we should think big and eliminate the negative thoughts.

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.