Five Best Things About Modi’s Speech on August 15th.

Five Best Things About Modi’s Speech on August 15th.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

In his first INDEPENDENCE DAY speech at the Historic Red Fort PM Narendra Modi made it Crystal clear that Service is his prime motive. At the beginning of the speech calling himself as the pradhan Sevank in place of pradhan mantri and ending the 65 Extempore with a Vande Matram note. This shows our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is a real son of mother INDIA. The removal of Bullet proof cover despite of threats from the terrorist organizations & a 64 Extempore without faltering had shown the Confidence and the will of a true Indian (desh bhakt) in him.
The Following are the five best notable things in MODI’s speech.

1. Come Make in INDIA!
Sending a clear invite to the world, Modi asked the Manufacturers to manufacture their products in INDIA and sell anywhere across the globe .Supporting his statement he said that INDIA has a rich pool of Youngsters in the world,65% of Indian population are youngsters.We want to create Skilled labor in INDIA so that any INDIAN anywhere will have a huge demand at the Global level.He requested the youngsters to take one step towards creating one new thing which can be Exported,so that adding all those will make thousand product to be Exported and INDIA will become an Exporter from a big Importer.

2. Eradicate Rape
Taking Advantage of the Presence of millions of listeners across the country Modi has spread an important message showing Concerns about Woman security and terrorism.Modi Asked the Parents to Raise their sons in a proper manner and question them in a way as they do for their Daughters.He said Rapist is also someone’s son.If the parents have control on their children there will be no terrorism and violence, spread brotherhood.

3. Isme mera kya, toh mujhe kya! (Change the attitude in government sector)
Picking a good Example of Corporate and Government sector individuals work,one stating it as a job and the other as service.Modi urged the Public servants to wake up and create a sense of service among themselves so that people wont be cursing the government for all the furor created in the government offices.
He also talked about him as being an outsider in Delhi having an inside view of parallel governments within the same government to the extent that the some are dragging each other to Supreme court.He asked the bureaucracy to stop this practice, join hands and serve the Nation instead of wasting time cursing each other.

4.E-Governance (Easy, Effective and Economic Governance)
A talk about how our ancestors fought the Indian freedom struggle against the British dominion without resource,weapons and states.He urged can’t we bring it; once against poverty.Highlighting the importance of Digital Media and internet,He announce the Jan dhyan yojna whose blueprint will be overhanded on 11th October under which an insurance cover of 1 lakh will be provided for each household and the benefits will be transferred to the beneficiary accounts without any third party involvement.

Dreaming of a 21st century: Clean INDIA
Modi asked to commit ourselves towards a clean Neighborhood.He asked all the MP’s to create 1 model village in their constituency so that it will be an inspiration for others and this way we will have some good numbers in each districts till 2016.
He also asked to create Toilets compulsorily in each school and a separate toilet

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