Get Rid of Baggage this Independence Day

Aasan hain badalna

We are finally stepped on the Independence Day week  and definitely it is time to sit back and cherish the 69th year of India’s liberation from restrictions.

However, have you ever thought that we are often ruled and influenced by several restrictions that become mental blocks, preventing us from bringing in new lifestyles, new things, new ideas and new colors into our lives? Many of us steadfastly refuse to let go of many of our old household items, vehicles, even homes and other stuff that we have long outgrown. This mainly comes due to emotional nostalgia and attachment and often, a strange hesitation of embracing some much needed change. But we all must remember that change is a constant factor in our lives and we should think of growing and progressing by accepting this change. A happier and more fulfilled life is only achieved by progressing, by transforming our lives at every possible opportunity and this Independence Day, you should definitely take a pledge to transform and replace every obsolete, unnecessary and unwanted aspect of your life. From shifting into a new home to replacing your old car for a new one or even replacing your household items, gadgets, necessary items and more, Quikr helps you flush out the old and bring in the new with a view towards making life more colorful, happy, free and beautiful. Here’s to freeing your mind from what is obsolete, unwanted and unnecessary this Independence Day.

Quikr’s there to help all the way! After all, Sach main, “Aasan hain badalna”

Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.