Home Managers For Managing Luxury Properties In Bangalore

The properties in Bangalore and Pune have been classified as the most dynamic ones in the country. The availability of properties in Bangalore for different styles and configurations coupled with the  high income of people working in these cities has boosted the real estate sectors of these cities. Bangalore has properties to cater to different classes of buyers- affordable properties for the middle class, luxury properties for the upper middle class and luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore for the urban rich.

If you are fond of a good and luxurious lifestyle, in love with housekeeping and hope to own a plush lifestyle at some point in time, then affordable villas are the answer to your worried. These villas in Bangalore allow you to experience the plush lifestyle faster than you expect to as they are customized for the upward mobile class which aspires for luxury in their life. NRIs and expats who purchase uber luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore are looking for home managers for the maintenance of their homes.

The concept of home managers may be new to us, but it is quite prevalent in the US. The need to maintain luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore by caring individuals or families is becoming popular in Bangalore. The difference with US is in the fact that the concept of home manager is used by realty agents for selling luxury properties in the US, in Bangalore a stage managed familial atmosphere is created for attracting buyers. NRIs and expats do so for ensuring that the property is maintained well and its security is ensured. The family of the home manager has to pay only a nominal amount for living in such plush surroundings.

Properties which lie vacant often become targets of thieves, vandals and squatters also sometimes. Having a security guard on the site for guarding the property and asking him to send for a housemaid for coming in once in a couple of weeks for cleaning up the premise has given rise to quite a few unforeseen issues.

A lot of people who continue to live abroad buy villas in Bangalore close to the area of Old Airport or the new Bangalore Airport in the hope to come and live sometime. These owners often employ the maintenance unit of the developer for ensuring that the premise was kept clean and tidy. These adhoc measures have often led to unsettling circumstances. Surprise visits by the home owners have revealed that the maintenance folks often host small get-together’s and pot lucks of their own in these properties which can damage the flooring or carpets because of food and beverage spills. This adhoc arrangement hasn’t worked in most of the places which is why the concept of the home manager has become so popular.

Logic behind the idea of home manager
Homes, in particular luxury homes, need constant nurturing and care. It is important that someone cares and ensures that the property’s maintenance requirements are taken notice of and acted upon. This would prevent them from falling into disrepair in the absence of their owners. Coming from the concept of “touch of a woman”, the concept of letting couples who love housekeeping live in these expensive properties in exchange for a nominal rent has come into being.

Families working as home managers are usually allowed to live in these houses for nine months roughly. After the period is completed, a detailed stock of the house is carried out after which the house owner may choose to continue with the house managing family that currently lives there or replace them with another family. There are quite a few requirements that a family wanting to be a home manager should fulfil. The list is extensive and non-negotiable often.

Some of the requirements are:
1. A small family which comprises of a single child and two adults. The child may be a school going one.
2. External furniture shall not be permitted.
3. Upholstery and curtains must be purchased only after the owner has approved of them.
4. If the budget needed for upholstery is very high, then the owner shall fully or partly finance for the product required.
5. Cushions and mattresses have to be bought after obtaining the approval from the owner.
6. The house must be kept clean and preserved at all times.
7. The temperature of the house has to be maintained at a pleasant level at all times and the mirrors must be kept crystal clear.
8. The family staying as home manager has to make sure that the home looks immaculate. This includes cleaning the Maple-wood floors and Italian porcelain every day to make them shine and look spotless.
9. The family of the home manager must pay the household bills.
10. A gathering of above 10 people requires the owner’s preapproval.
11. All products that have been damaged must be compensated with products which are equally valuable by the home managing family with the approval of the owner.
12. The house owner shall pay for the maintenance staff and 24X7 security of the property. Both of these services have to be employed from approved agencies.

Even though the rules appear strict, making memories, sleeping and learning the properties secrets and quirks actually makes it worth living in the very empty house. The family living within often infuses energy into the property. The owners who employ home managers look for exactly that.

What do Home Managing families feel about the lifestyle they lead?
Most of these families are joyous about the fact that they can live in properties which would otherwise be unaffordable for them. However, it can be quite stressful to live in such a property. One of the issues that home managers face is that the drapes usually end in a puddle and it takes a lot of time to keep it maintained. It is a traditional symbol of luxury and an old way of displaying wealth. This requires maintenance every day.

You too can look for such villas in Bangalore to be a home manager as you would be able to taste luxury that you have only aspired for.

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