How to copy EML files into Other Popular File Formats by EML Email Converter

How to copy EML files to other format

The use of email clients is evident everywhere, whether you work in a big organization or you have your small business. You will have an email id and must be using an email client. Email clients are of different types. The types of email clients which are popular are web-based email client and graphical based.  Email clients are nothing but a simpler way to communicate with the other users.

File formats play an important part in email clients. They are the formats in which the messages are saved. An email client can only open a certain file format and is not able to open any file format. One of the popular mailing formats is EML. EML is used in many email clients (Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc).

This post will give you the important information about how can you successfully achieve the conversion of EML files to other formats.

Why the users want to copy EML files to other formats?

EML files being an easy format to handle still has its cons. There could be other reasons why the user would migrate from EML format to some other format. Some possible reasons are explained below:

  • User’s previous organization was using EML format and now his organization is using some other format. This could be valid reason that the user wants to migrate EML files.
  • User is having the backup of the EML mails and now is looking to convert these files to the desired format.
  • User having all his data on the Mac operating system and wants to migrate it to the other format. (For this the user first have to copy all the data from Mac OS to Windows system)
  • User has the orphan EML messages in the system

Ways to copy EML Messages to other formats:

There are many ways that user can find on the internet on how to import EML messages to other formats but are these methods helpful? Let’s see:

  1. Manual: These are the process which can only be followed by technical sound users. They often consist of complex steps and the user most of times get so confused that they do not know what to do next and end up corrupting their precious data. This method contains risk and is not suggested by the professional users as it is very time taking.
  2. Freeware: Freeware are software’s which are as you can guess from the name are free to use. They offer the conversion process but their main disadvantage is that they do not work after some period or they contain lots of bugs which make the user’s experience very bad.
  3. Converter: By far the best method to copy your precious files, with the help of converter it will allow you to give accurate results and that too quickly. The main advantage of using a tool is that it will improve over the time and will give you plenty of features which other methods fails to provide.

EML Files

About the EML Email Converter tool

The EML Email Converter tool will simply allow you to Copy EML files into other formats like (EMLX, RTF, PDF, MBOX, PST, MBX, HTML and MSG). This tool also easily converts the EML file to Outlook which can be viewed in 64 & 32 bit of Outlook editions. Follow the given steps to copy EML files –

It is workable on all Windows Operating System. It also converts the EMLX files into these given formats which is a plus point for the Mac users. This tool only works in Windows operating system, so the user has to copy the mails from Macintosh and then move to the Windows.

The EML Email Converter tool provides the options such as file naming option and retains the formatting of the email files.

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