How to Make Useful Scrubs at Home

Daily beauty maintenance should also include scrubbing. Scrubbing is very important because it can remove all the dead skin cells and also rejuvenates the skin.

One can buy fresh face scrubs online or else they can always go for the basic homemade scrubs which are not only easy to make but also very effective.

Sugar or Salt Scrub

This one can not only be used as a face scrub but also as a whole body scrub. This is a very basic scrub which can be easily be whipped up in a few minutes. This needs very basic ingredients and it can be the perfect base for any custom scrubs. This can leave the skin easily refreshed by removing all the dead skin cells along with dirt and oils so that the skin does not get clogged by the pores.

Brown Sugar Face Scrub

This is a very effective and natural exfoliant and it works well in all the skin types. This is also very popular when it comes to homemade scrubs. One can take a good amount of brown sugar and pair them up with honey, coconut oil or any floral essential oil to use it. They are all natural and fantastic ingredients to make a scrub. It not only removes dead cells but it also makes the skin really supple.

Oatmeal Face Scrub

This scrub also works perfectly well on all skin types. If one wants to make it more moisturising in nature, they can mix the oatmeal with milk, almond oil and an egg. One can also add rosemary and milk together with sunflower seed flour to make another revitalising home scrub which is very effective to remove black heads.

Almond Milk Face Scrub

We all know that almond is very good when it comes to skin treatments. So, one can use a simple almond milk scrub to make the skin fresh and happy. This scrub is a bit dry in nature as the major ingredients used here are bentonite clay, almond meal and milk powder. One can use abit of almond milk as well to make a paste out of it, if it seems too dry.

Coffee and Cocoa Face Scrub

If one needs a glow in their face after scrubbing, then this is the best thing to use. Both coffee and cocoa powder acts great to bring some brightness on the skin and in order to reduce puffiness.  One can add some honey and a bit of yogurt to make this scrub a bit more moisturising in nature. If one has an oily skin, they can also add some lemon juice to it instead of yogurt.

Peach Face Scrub

This one has a lot of skin renewing benefits. One can mix organic peaches with some brown sugar and honey and a few drops of their favourite essential oil. This can easily break down the skin cells and makes the facial skin a lot smoother.

Apart from making them at home, one can also buy fresh face scrub from stores and use them at a regular interval.

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