How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages

We know very well that, most of us are addicted towards various mobile apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and much more. But, more usage of such social apps is not good and secure. The crime rate is increasing day by day. Every year thousands of complaints are filed in Cyber crime investigation department.

For providing security, Mobile spy apps are invented. With the help of such apps, we can monitor anyone’s online activity along with the complete records. Usually, people use WhatsApp spy app or any other to monitor their loved one’s activity. When they have any doubt over their family member, then such spy applications are useful.

Let’s discuss Whatsapp Spy App –

First of all, WhatsApp is the favorite platform for youngsters to communicate with their friends. Few are really excited to use this app to exchange their private messages. As well as, maintain their secret relationships without revealing in front of people. If you are searching WhatsApp spy tool to know the truth about your partner or kids, then this article will surely help you to sort the issues.

Techniques to spy on WhatsApp Application –

There is the variety of ways to monitor/ spy the WhatsApp app. Just read the below-mentioned information and get the complete process of how to do?

  • Whatsapp Spy via Mobile Spy Application –

This is the most simple and amazing way to spy the Whatsapp account. With these apps, we can spy the messages of someone’s account and investigate everything without any difficulty. Nowadays, most of the organizations sell customized and standard monitoring apps. Here are few ones genuine that work very well and considered as a worthy tool.

Usually, spying apps procedure is almost same. If you installed or purchase any WhatsApp spy app, the follow this process-

  1. Firstly, download the spy app on the target device where you want to investigate the records. For doing this thing, you have to get a phone on your hands for a few minutes.
  2. Then, start installing the app and configuring on the target phone. It takes some time to complete the process.
  3. Now, you can access the call records, messages, video files from your online account easily. The WhatsApp monitoring process starts and knows whatever you want to know.
  • Bluffing the MAC Address –

Another way to spy someone’s account which is the most harder way as people said.  In this, you can spoof the target phone’s messages of Whatsapp and know everything. If you want to perform this method, you have to require some technical skills. Without technical knowledge and skills, you can’t able to spoof anyone’s MAC address. This is the main reason why professionals said it is a difficult way.

If you want to know about this technique, then we are telling you –

If you know a little bit about WhatsApp, so it can easily operate on two phones of the same account. It means we can use the same account of WhatsApp on two different phones. Due to this way, you can easily get the MAC address of target device and a spoof on your phone. Hence, this is the way to find out the MC address of target device –

How to find MAC address –

  1. For android users – first go to the settings options, then about phone -> status and click on the Wi Fi Mac address. Through this way, you can see the address of target phone within few seconds.
  2. For iPhone Users – Similar to go settings then choose “general” option. Then, About -> Wi Fi address
  3. Windows users – Options -> device -> device and status info -> WLAN Mac.

I hope you will your answer of spy application ways and Significance of Whatsapp Spy. To know more about such spy apps, regular visit and read our articles. We will always provide such kind of information that users want to know.

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