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Motorcycle Shipping

If you have plans to move to a different country, buy a car or motorcycle from a different country or you just need to move one overseas for another reason, international car shipping is necessary. Whatever your reasons are, knowing more about overseas car or motorcycle shipping and what to expect when it comes to shipping overseas can prepare you for the task ahead.


With international shipping, you can send any type of motorized vehicle to any location worldwide if you work with a company that has the necessary experience with shipping overseas, understanding customs and country regulations for transport and who has a proven track record for safe shipping standards.

The Steps for Overseas Transport of Your Vehicle

  1. Obtain a quote for the specific vehicle you wish to transport. This will give you an idea of what you’ll be expected to pay, depending on where the vehicle is coming from and going too. Thanks to online searches, it is possible to get numerous quotes at one time from a broker.
  2. Submit the required documentation to the company. This is usually the title, bill of sale and a letter from the lien holder if the car has been financed.
  3. Obtain shipping insurance for the vehicle. Usually, this can be provided through the insurance company currently covering the vehicle. If not, the company shipping the vehicle will be able to offer insurance coverage while the vehicle is in the process of shipping overseas.
  4. Service and clean your vehicle before it is ready to be shipped. This ensures that it’s in the best running order, and clean inside and out. You should make sure that you leave nothing personal behind in the car.
  5. For motorcycles, whether you own a Harley Davidson or a Yamaha, if crated during shipment, fluids should be drained and the battery needs to be disconnected unless the motorcycle shipper specifies otherwise.
  6. Take detailed pictures and thoroughly inspect your vehicle to note any current damage that you want to remember. This will help ensure that the vehicle arrives without further damage.

The company will come and pick up the vehicle for you and get it ready to be shipped internationally. Shipping times can vary depending on the distance from where you are to where the vehicle needs to be shipped.


While going through the process signing paperwork is necessary, and you’ll receive an estimated time of arrival based off several factors. Generally, you can expect it to take between 10 days and one month to ship.

Best Ways to Ship Different Types of Vehicles

It’s always important to work with a good quality shipping company, but when it comes to shipping specialty vehicles or other high priced products around the world, it’s especially important to deal with a quality company. Here are a few shipping options for different vehicles, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

Regular Vehicles

Regular vehicles don’t require any special technique to ship them around the world and they do well on RORO ships. Prices vary based on size and where the vehicle is headed. A larger SUV or truck is going to incur additional fees up to $300. If you live closer to the shipping port, you can save a little money by driving it there and dropping it off yourself.

Motorcycles & Classic Cars

Both motorcycles and classic cars come with two different shipping options, depending on personal preference. The first option is roll on and roll off. This is widely known as RORO shipping and is the most common way that all types of vehicles are shipped.

With this service, you simply put your vehicle onto a freight shipment uncovered, and head to the destination to pull it back off the freight again. For more expensive, or more important vehicles, you can ship them in a container instead to ensure a higher level of protection.

While it’s certainly more expensive to ship a motorcycle or classic car within a container, you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is safe along its route to the destination.

Takeaway on Motorcycle Shipping

If you need international car or motorcycle shipping, get in touch with a high-quality company that can ensure that your vehicle makes it to its destination safely and on time. Be sure that the professional car or motorcycle shipping company that you hire offers affordable rates and that their service options are high quality and you’ll be able to move your vehicle safely from one country to another so that you always have it available.

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