In A Constant Combat With Fungal Attacks And Bad Hair Days? Here Are A Few Tips!

The hair is an amazing asset to the human body. Many cultures see hair as beauty and good hair as a sign of prosperity and joy. And like so, one has every reason to be upset when their hair starts falling, itching or is infested with dandruff! Fungal infections can make the scalp weak and can affect hair growth negatively leading to hair fall. Before heading out to find the best antifungal cream you can get, here are a few tips to keep in mind to keep your general hair health good.

  1. Clothes

Fungal attacks are linked to the moisture in your clothes. Take care to avoid mixing your clothes with others’ and whenever they’re back from the wash, make sure to iron them whenever possible. The air drying might kill of fungi but the heat from ironing will seal the deal.

  1. Go through full term with treatments

If your dermatologist has previously prescribed treatments for your condition, make sure to complete the treatment. The minimum time period would be around 4 weeks. When first signs of recovery appear, most patients stop the treatment, leading way for the infection to happen again. Be wary to complete the full dosage or course of medicine and treatments in order to fully ensure a recovery.

  1. Strictly no Steroids

When shopping for anti-fungal creams, make sure to keep an eye open for those that have steroids in them. Steroids make infections worse than they already are. This is because it makes them recurrent, contagious and all of this happens because steroids ultimately make the fungus more resistant. It does provide momentary relief but do not buy into this false alarm as the severity upon recurrence increases. Therefore, it is important to invest in a cream that is reliable such as the ketomac cream in India.

  1. Regular Washes

Always make sure that your hair is thoroughly washed and cared for but at the same time, do not wash your hair every day. This strips the scalp off of very essential naturally occurring oils that are crucial for maintaining the hair and the head’s ecosystem. In a week consider washing your hair 2-3 times. During these ashes, make sure to alternate between medicines if prescribed. Unless directed exclusively by a doctor, do not wash your hair every single day. The prospect of it sounds appealing but the body sometimes can deal with a scalp that has not been washed in 2 days.

Some general symptoms to look out for fungal attacks on hair are: abundant hair fall daily, pimple-like formation in the scalp that spreads outwards, hairless patches in head, scaly scalp and brittle hair are observable.

If you think you may have a fungal infection on your scalp, make sure to confirm the condition only through a train dermatologist, self-diagnosis of the condition may lead to false diagnosis and worsening of symptoms and the condition itself.

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.