Life Encapsulated on Just Four Wheels! – Car

What’s the average Indian’s favorite three letter word?

Car – In all kinds, types, forms, shapes and sizes.

Indeed, we Indians have this inexplicable connect with these man-made beauties that seek to encapsulate life’s myriad flavors within just four wheels. Far from the purely utilitarian domain that the dictionary or manuals tread, it can be fair to say that a car means everything for everyone. What is it about cars that has the awesome potential to transform our lives so drastically?

For starters, take the indomitable emotional connect attached to owning a car of your own. The new age basic achievement lexicon would definitely state Roti, Kapda, Makaan and Gaadi. Cars are still symbols of achievement and prestige in a country like India where daily existence is sometimes a painful task and meeting all of life’s necessities a perennial struggle. That’s not all there is to owning a car though; a car represents the essential freedom of movement and mobility that we all crave. Indeed, from ancient times, man has been obsessed with making life more convenient and mobile. The car is the finest synthesis of such aspirations.

A car represents your ticket to freedom of will, lack of dependence on public infrastructure and your independence to explore. With your own set of wheels, you automatically transcend a whole lot of limitations when it comes to movement and freedom of choice. From an unplanned weekend holiday to a sudden family outing to an emergency dash to the airport, everything becomes supremely convenient with a car in your garage. This is the biggest take-away that we Indians relish from our automobiles, i.e. flexibility, independence from public infrastructure and transport, distance related limitations and supreme mobility.

A car is an urban necessity particularly in a time when we all have to put up with long distance travelling between our homes and workplaces each day. Imagine the amount of time, energy and productivity that a car saves you each day. Throw in greater convenience when it comes to exploring newer destinations in your city and its outskirts and even in other states and seamless travelling for entertainment, social and recreational purposes with your near and dear ones and you get the picture.

Indeed, a car is life’s seven colors fused in one. From facilitating relaxing trips to the workplace to those lingering dates and long drives with your better half, a car ushers in some of life’s invisible yet exciting shades that we all deserve to experience. Harking back to a strictly utilitarian aspect, congested public transportation and unmatched population growth also make cars something of an unavoidable necessity in today’s times.

Let’s face it; you work hard to give yourself and your family a better life. Why wait for transport when you can move at your convenience and leisure? Why dread family expeditions and sudden outings when you have a smiling solution sitting in your garage? Why put up with life’s daily drudgery when you can take off anytime for some much needed rest and recreation?

Why not just get a car instead. It’s definitely not unattainable in today’s scenario and with some information on the right channels, you’ll be many steps closer towards your dream.

A car is everything for everyone. Buy yours and start experiencing life’s colors like never before. For, in mathematically outrageous but strangely logical terms, a car = bliss. Period.

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Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.