Which operating system should you choose – iOS or Android?

iOS or Andorid

Smartphones have evolved much from what they were first introduced in the market. From being simple operating systems i.e. iOS or Andorid that allowed you to access the internet, they have come a long way by allowing users to utilize them for accessing Facebook, paying their bills and even watch movies on them. The improvement in quality of screen and camera allows you to use your smartphone for video calling and video shooting as well. If you are in favour of larger smartphones, then you could opt for phablets whose screen size is larger than 5 inches.

ios or android

The smartphones that are available in today’s time are powered by one of these three operating systems- iOS, Android and Windows. The iOS is a product of the Apple Inc. based in Cupertino while the Android is a Google product and Windows is a Microsoft product. Of the three operating systems, the Android is most popular followed by iOS and Windows. If you are thinking of what operating system you should opt for second hand mobiles, then do go on to read this comparison.

The Android is an open source operating system and hence it can be adopted by any smart phone maker. Google has contracts with various smart phone manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung; HTC etc. for sharing the Android platform on their cell phones provided certain Google staples such as Google Map, Hangouts, and Gmail etc. are included in the phones. In contrast, the iOS and Windows are not open source platforms, particularly iOS as it is available only on devices manufactured by Apple such as the iPad and iPhone. Windows does allow usage of its platform on other mobiles such as a few models from Samsung, HTC and Micromax although most of it is used in Nokia. Android on the other hand is more widespread.

In terms of functionality, there is hardly much difference between the Android and iOS platform. Both these operating systems have app stores from which you can download paid and free applications on your phone. The Apple had an advantage over the Android with the voice-assistant Siri but Android soon overcame this barrier with its own version of the Google Now on the Android 4.4 KitKat platform. The iOS and Android are upgraded from time to time and newer additions are made in these operating systems which existing users can update. The numbers of apps available in both the systems are comparable and in either of these systems, you can find substitutes of various apps. The availability of apps in these systems is much more than Windows and you may feel a little limited as Windows user.

However, when it comes to second hand mobiles, it would be better to buy the Android system. The Android system is more flexible to customizations compared to the iOS and if you are a programming whiz then using the Android would be a better experience for you as you can customize the phone to your liking. Android phones are much cheaper compared to iOS. You can buy an Android phone for as low as Rs 4,000 first hand while you have to shell out more than Rs 40,000 to buy a first-hand iOS phone. If you want to buy second hand mobiles of the Android operating system, spending Rs 5,000 is enough to get you a decent phone. However, the second hand iPhone is available at a starting price of Rs 20,000 almost. The iPhone is the only mobile which has the iOS system and if you want to use the phone, you would have to accept certain features that you are not comfortable with. For example, the iPhone has a four inch screen only while other mobiles by Samsung, LG and even Motorola have larger screens that offer you better video watching experiences.

Downloading applications from the Apple Store can be a bit heckling because you would have to create a separate account for it and then peg it to your banking credit card. To use Google Android, all you need is a Gmail account. Also, transferring data and files between two Android phones is easier than the iOS. Android phones allow you to use Bluetooth for transferring data for transferring data from other Windows, BlackBerry and Android phones. However, iPhones do not allow you to transfer data to any other phone apart from another iPhone. Storage on Android phones is much easier than the iPhone. Most Android mobiles are provided with external SD card slots which allow you to expand the memory of the phone to almost 32 GB (a standard figure, it may be 64GB for some other phones) but iPhones are available with limited storages of 16GB and 32GB. The storage space cannot be expanded using external memory cards.

Because the numbers of Android phones that are available are large, the competition between them is too. Therefore, even though the Android phones are available for cheap, there are some issues with their RAM and processors. However, iPhones work very smoothly in this respect. Moreover, the display of the iPhone is better than most of the flagship Android phones available in the market. Legibility under sunlight is better than most phones and the pixel density is also good which produces proper colours without unnecessary saturation. The Retina Display produces colours which are superior to those of Android and Windows phones.

Therefore, if you are concerned about quality and exclusivity and do not mind overspending a lot on phones, then the iPhone is the best product for you. However, if you are on a budget and want more functionality for the product that you are buying, you should opt for the Android phone. Both kinds of phones are available online. All you have to do is enter the name of the city in which you live and the Android and iPhones available in your city shall be displayed on screen. You can enter further specifications such as storage space, model number and colour to streamline your search results. Contact information of the seller is provided online so that you can get in touch with the seller directly.

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