Perks of being a psychiatric nurse!

If you are planning to become a psychiatric nurse, there are a few ways to plan your path. You can take a one year program and become a licensed practice nurse which is also known as LPN or you can purse your four year degree in the field of nursing which means you will be a registered nurse, RN. The final step is to take a master’s degree in nursing from specialised psychiatry institute. It is not easy to become a psychiatric nurse.

This field is quite a challenge to work in but if you know you have the potential, don’t step back. You can find incredible psychiatrist jobs in New Zealand as a psych nurse at some of the biggest mental health hospitals. If you still aren’t sure about this profession, here are some perks of becoming a psych nurse: –

Providing help – You are directly helping patients with their health. A psychiatrist will just leave the patient after his or her duty hours are over but it is the nurse who has to handle when the main doctor isn’t around. You might come across violent patients, depressed, cranky and much more but you are the one who can help them overcome these difficult situations. A qualified nurse can provide patients the things they require to improve their life overall. This is a rewarding and helpful job.

Opportunities – If you don’t want to work in your own city or country, you can always relocate for better opportunities. The New Zealand job market is on a high right now which means you have a good chance of becoming a nurse at one of the best hospitals in the country. Also, you can work as an LPN (Licensed practice nurse) or RN (Registered nurse). If you pick LPN, you can provide medication and personal care but if you an RN, you can consult the patients and the families too. You can work at private mental health institutes, health agencies, hospitals, home health care centres, etc.

Salary – Reports from the Labour Statistics have shown that LPN’s from the year 2011 onwards have been earning more than usual. The salary is around $42,000 per annum and for RN’s it is around $69,000. On the other side, psych nurse practitioners are making around $61,000 to about $110,000 per annum. With your growing experience, you will earn more money!

Secure job – With downsizing always in the picture, there is a fear of losing your job. But due to loss of jobs and stress, people are getting more depressed. This has increased a need for psychiatrists and nurses too. People want proper health guidance and even big companies are hiring psychiatrists with a team to help their employees. This clearly shows that your job is quite safe even after all the downsizing drama.

Unique – This is not just any other corporate job, but it is a unique profession. You meet so many different types of people every day which makes this job intriguing.

So take your degree today and find a psychiatric nurse job to grow your career!

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.