Quikr NXT Instant Chat and Home Delivery

India’s biggest, home grown online classified portal Quikr is introducing two new features starting today under program called Quikr NXT. The new features include Free home delivery of goods purchased on their platform and instant chat between buyers and sellers.

Both of these features would be a first for any online classified site in India. (“NO FIKAR BECH QUIKR”)

Quikr NXT
Quikr NXT

Pranay Chulet, Founder and CEO, Quikr said, “Delivery services in this category are a very local phenomenon and for that we are looking at tying up with local or regional movers and packers,”

Puneet said, “For used goods, it used to take two-three days for a sale, but with the messaging we have seen that time come down to less than a day in some cases, “It seems that these new services would be introduced for paid subscribers of Quikr. While explaining the rationale behind these ideas, Puneet said, “This will help us in monetizing. Now a small business owner, who buys a package of listings, can see the value and have a record of the deals struck through us.”

As per Quikr, they are facilitating sales worth $4 billion (Rs 25,000 crore) every month, which can receive a boost of 30-40% after the introducing free delivery and instant chat service. In September last year, Quikr received $60 million funding from Tiger Global, on a valuation of $300 million.

Source: Trak.in

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