Should You Repair Or Replace Your Cracked Windscreen?

The windshield of a vehicle is most prone to damage in case of an accident. Sometimes a stone drop on the windscreen of your car and it gets cracked in no time.  The chipped or cracked windshield reduces the visibility as the cracks spread throughout the windscreen.

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Cracks can spread in various sizes and shapes depending upon the impact. Some chips and cracks are repairable while some are not. It depends on many factors whether your damaged windscreen could be repaired or not.

With the use of latest technology, it is now possible to repair the cracked windscreen. Repairing your windscreen instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money as the replacement is quite expensive.

The repair or replacement of the windscreen depends on the size, depth, and location of the damage. However, different repairing agencies may have their views on repair and replacement of the windshield.

When to Repair Your Windscreen?

You can get your windscreen repaired if the impact and the damaged area are small. Usually, the cracks up to three inches and the chips smaller than a quarter are repairable, but more than that may need replacement. Some technologies can repair long cracks up to 12 inches.

If the impact is small and the damage is on the non-driver’s side, it is better to get your windscreen repaired as it will save you money. A new windscreen is expensive than the cost of repairing an existing one.

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If the damage occurred on your windshield is repairable, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. If the repair is delayed, a small chip or crack can spread throughout the entire windscreen. Moreover, dust and dirt particles enter the cracks and make it difficult to repair. So, it is better to get your windscreen repaired as soon as the impact occurs.

When to Replace Your Windshield?

A damaged windshield needs replacement if the chips are more than a quarter or the cracks are longer than 3 inches in size. If the cracks occur on the driver’s side of the windscreen, it should be replaced as the process of repair leaves minor distortions in the glass which may obstruct the driver’s vision. Even if the distortion does not matter in the daytime, it may attract glare from the headlights of approaching vehicles in the night.

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The repair or replacement also depends on the depth of the impact. If the impact is throughout the outer and inner layers of the glass, it needs to be replaced. If the cracks extend towards the boundaries of the glass, it is recommended to replace the glass. Even if you get your windscreen repaired in cases of deep impact or cracks near the edges, they are susceptible to damage again.

The windscreen is a structural part of your vehicle, and it contributes to the overall strength. Getting your windscreen repaired may reduce the strength of your vehicle. Generally, the cracked windscreen repairs brisbane manufacturers recommend replacement as the new windscreen will offer proper clarity and strength to the vehicle.

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