Stunning Wedding Decoration Ideas For An Extravagant Celebration

Weddings mark the beginning of a new phase in life, worthy of a grandiose celebration. Every couple dreams of an extravagant celebration that resonates the special emotions attached to this event. The weddings consist of multiple rituals and ceremonies, especially for Indian weddings.

For such a grand affair, you want to put up a spectacular decor that accentuates the charm of the celebration. Here’s a list of few of the components that are essential parts of every wedding decoration ideas:

Wedding lighting:

Wedding Lighting

A well-lit venue sends out a welcoming vibe that accentuates the ambience and completely transforms the venue. Different lighting patterns can help you decorate different venues, such as uplighting that illuminates from underneath, pin spots that create spotlights, LED lights that paint a room with multiple colours, and diyas that are great for traditional decoration.

Center Stage:

Wedding Centrepiece

After the traditional wedding ritual, the centre stage is where the couple spends most of their time. It is one of the most important areas that get maximum attention. A centre stage is one of the most important areas of a wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to have great stage decoration ideas for a wedding. Using light strings and fresh flowers, you can create a simple yet impressive stage backdrop. Bright hangings and drapes of golden colour add a royal touch to the stage.


Wedding Mandap

The mandap needs a traditional and alluring decor with the use of floral accents, colourful drapes, and simplistic metallic decorative elements. A few additions of decorative lighting can bring out the beauty in the minute details. The mandap is another essential part of any wedding decoration ideas.

Apart from these major wedding decoration ideas, one needs to extensively decorate their reception area along with the services, entrances, hallways, etc. Use of a lot of fabric in multiple colours and decorative floral patterns, add a wide range of traditional charm. Keeping these factors in your mind, make sure you execute your wedding decoration ideas and stage decoration ideas for a wedding in the perfect sync.

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