The design of a new home

The interior of a room is what defines the taste of its owner. To elevate the decoration standards of the rooms where you plan to design your life you need to take advice and help of an interior decorator who has an official degree on this area. There are many talented interior designers available who offer to share their thought of the design so that you home becomes the most desirable of all.

Designing the entire interior of a home and converting it into a nice warm cosy place is no piece of cake. This work requires a lot of effort and dedication. Interior designs should always reflect the taste of your style. You should always have a luxurious feeling when you enter your house after a long days work. We always dress ourselves in various designer clothes and garments. Each and every fashion item becomes a part of our daily activities; similarly we should dress up our houses with beautiful interior stuffs so that they become the most fashionable too.

There are thousands of designs available from which the selection of the best is a complicated matter. But you definitely should not copy the exact design produced by your designer. There should be some modifications of your own so that you have a little something to call of your style when the entire design prototype is ready. Here are a few designs that will help motivate you as well as give you beautiful interior design ideas.

Living room designs
The living room is supposedly the most important room because whenever you will have guests around this is the first place they tuck themselves in. choosing a unique design for the living room is a very crucial as well as difficult task. It all depends on how much square feet you have. You can paint the walls red and have contrast coloured furniture alongside like white. White coloured bird decals can be put up on the walls to give it a nice touch along with a white fireplace to emanate a classic look. A coffee table of white colour can be put in the centre topped with a flower vase.

You can also have an airy living room by converting the walls into large windows that overlook the street or garden. This will make the room less poky and you can always have fresh air. You can match this room with oak flooring and an off white L shaped sofa along with a classy centre table. You can also have a monochromatic living room by choosing only the white colour. Just to break the white boredom you can set the room up with different texture furniture’s and rugs. You can put up a rough sewed sofa along with nice decals on the wall. A huge rugged rug at the centre floor can prove to be very much attractive.

The living room can also be set up with classic vintage furniture’s, the colour combination being lime green and sky blue. These two colours complement each other fairly. The mix and match furniture’s of these colours can prove to be a very good investment and will brighten up your most desirable living room.

Bathroom designs
Bathroom is a place where you can have your own self time without any distractions from the outer world. The bathroom of your house should reflect a nice and hygiene background.  This place should always have clean supplements so that no germs can enter or exit this abode. This is a place where you can splash your worries away after a long day at work.

Wood flooring along with matching walls along with a wood dressed shower room is what is needed to give your sanitation a chic classy appearance. You can also set up vitrified tiles and a very nice cabinet made of limestone to woo your senses. A hot tub can be put up any time which will wash away all your tiredness. Some have the idea of putting up large mirrors to give a vintage rough look. Mirrors in a bathroom are very essential indeed.

Kitchen tiles
The kitchen is another very important space your house which need to be spiced up a bit instead of a boring facade. The kitchen can be spiced up with different types of tiling on the floor as well as the wall to keep the fashion in house. You can have ceramic tiles all over your kitchen floor. These tiles are made out of clay and they produce a classic look wherever settled. Apart from ceramic, porcelain tiles are also very famous for decorating a kitchen. You can have both glazed and non glazed tiles set up according to your taste of style.

Natural stone tiles like marble and granite etc, all these are pretty common kitchen flooring tiles which are very popular in the eastern cities. But who said you have to follow the common trend? You can always trend up these natural tiles and modify them into whatever you desire.

Furniture designs
Just like us, the furniture of a home is what defines its integrity. Furniture plays a very important role in interior designing matter. You can a verity to choose from like wooden chairs, linen sofas as well as glass tables with different designed supports. You can also set up the room with Wall hanging rods of different types as well as different cabinet ideas. The cabinets can be also attached to the wall for a nice and trendy look. If you have wall attached cabinets then there is a great possibility of decreasing the space of your room and making it available for other furniture designs. Interior designing of a house plays a very important in modifying the owner’s character. It is often said if you live in a comfortable and clean environment you are bound to make your life filled with positivity. The home is the only place where you can be yourself and let go of all the stress of daily activities and other matters.

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