Tips To Clean A Car Roof Lining

Car Roof Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the interior of your car is as important the external washing and polishing. A clean roof lining is a sign of excellent care of your car. Most people clean the interior or their vehicle but forget the roof lining that needs regular cleaning.

The roof lining is a delicate part of the car interior which needs extreme care while cleaning. A small mistake can damage the lining or pull it off the roof. This post shares the best tips for cleaning the roof lining of your car.

Surface cleaning
Car Roof Lining Surface Cleaning
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To remove the minor spots, you need a microfiber cloth. Rub the microfiber cloth gently on the surface of roof liner. The microfiber cloth will loosen the dirt and access grime on the fibre.

Do not apply more pressure as you will smear the dust particles across a larger area. Rub the cloth along the length of the roof lining as it is easy to rub the cloth between the roof sections.

Roof lining Cleaner

Once the loose dirt is removed, the next step is to deep clean the roof lining. You need a cleaning product that is made especially for cleaning the roof liner of your car.

You should refer to your car’s manual or contact your car company for the recommended product. Using any other cleanser can damage your roof lining.

Using the cleaner
Car Roof Lining Using The Cleaner
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Spray the cleaner product on the roof lining and wait for a few minutes to work its magic.  Read the instructions on the cleaner for how much time you need to leave the cleanser on the roof liner surface.

Then use another microfiber cloth to wipe the roof liner fabric once again. You will be surprised to see the dirt that comes with the microfiber cloth. A good quality cleaner will clean all the stains and dirt from your roof lining.

Removing the tough stains

If you don’t clean the roof liner for months, the dirt gets in the deeper layers of the fabric, and the stains become tough. The cleaner does not remove them in a single application. You may need to use other cleaning products to clean the stains.

Try an aerosol upholstery cleaner with a foaming action to clean the roof liner. The cleaning solutions with foaming action are more abrasive than the regular cleaners for cleaning tough stains. Spray the foaming action cleaner on the roof lining and let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Then clean the roof with a soft cleaning brush instead of cloth. Make sure you use a soft brush and be gentle while using it as a vigorous brushing may damage the roof lining fabric. Use the brush to clean every part of the roof liner to ensure a uniform cleaning.

Homemade cleaners

You can also use some home mad cleaners to clean the roof liner of your car. You can prepare a homemade cleaner by mixing one part of vinegar with three parts of water.

However, it is better to use the recommended products instead of homemade products, and they are made especially for cleaning the car roof liners.


Sometimes the mechanics touch the interiors of your car, and the roof liner gets stained by the grease or oil.

A regular cleaner does not clean the stains of grease easily. You should apply a de-greaser agent on the roof liner to clean the stains.

Deep cleaning method
Car Roof Lining Deep Cleaning Method
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The deep cleaning should always be your last option if the roof liner needs the toughest form of cleansing.  You need a cleaning machine for deep cleaning.

Fill the cleaning solution and water in the machine and turn on the machine to prepare it for cleaning.  Wait until the device is ready as some machines need a few minutes for preheating.

Cover the seats and boot space with plastic sheets to avoid any spills. Spray the cleaner on the headliner fabric and move the spray tool on the surface.

Move across the roof fabric making long strokes at an average speed, neither too slow not too fast. Clean the entire headliner using a consistent pace and technique.

Leave it Dry

Allow the roof liner to dry for a few hours before using our car.  Park your car in your home garage or at a safe place and leave the windows open for adequate circulation of air.

Wipe the drippings on other parts of the interior with a microfiber cloth.  After the liner is completely dry, use your hand or microfiber cloth to remove the dried lines on the fabric.

Final Words

There are plenty of methods for cleaning the roof lining of your car. Make sure you use good quality and recommended products for cleaning your roof lining. If the lining is damaged get it repaired by a professional.

If you live in or around Gold Coast, search for car roof lining repair Gold Coast to get your car ceiling repaired.  Following the above tips and regular cleaning can help any car owner to maintain their car as clean as a new one.

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