Tips to Keep in Mind when Travelling with an Elderly Parent from New Delhi to Chennai

Traveling is surely a brilliant experience no matter what age you are. If you are taking your parents along with you on a trip then it surely is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to have a great experience with each other. But traveling with elderly parents comes with challenges of its kind. There are certain factors that must be considered while flying while flying with your parents to ensure that the trip is pleasurable for all. Sometimes, older adults have issues with mobility and need a wheelchair or have specific health conditions. This makes planning a trip and flying even more complex.

So if you are planning to board a trip on New Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule then adequate preparation is the key. It is especially true when you are traveling with elderly parents. The below-mentioned travel tips represent some of the most common special travel needs of seniors. Keep them in mind while planning the trip so everyone can focus on enjoying themselves during the vacation.

  1. Give yourself some extra time –

    If you are traveling with an elder parent, make sure you reach the New Delhi airport at least 2 hours in advance. You will have enough time to check in or have a snack before you fly and in case they need a wheelchair then you can make arrangements for the same as well. Your parents would also need to use restrooms before boarding so having sufficient time in hand before flying is a good option, to begin with.

  2. Request travel approval from a physician –

    In case your parents are suffering from some ailment, it is better to have their travel approved by their physician. Make sure you have their medical reports handy so that you can show it to doctor in your destination in case needed. Get the prescribed medicines in place prior to traveling to Chennai as it might get difficult to locate one physician in case things go awry.

  3. Make arrangements for any special dietary needs –

    Generally, older adults have special dietary requirements and for them, the in-flight food may not be recommended. Many flights operating on New Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule allow the travelers to carry their own food and snacks but it is best that you check that once while you are scheduling your trip to Chennai. In case there are restrictions ahead of you, then find alternative appropriate food options available in Chennai.

  4. Find out where medical facilities are located in Chennai –

    In case you are traveling with an older adult and that too to a location you are not that familiar with, then, in that case, you must find out the closest healthcare facilities located near your place of stay which you might need an emergency. In case your parents have an insurance available, you must carry that too just in case you need it. By having all this information in place, the medical help will reach your place of stay in Chennai without any wastage of time.

  5. Gather all necessary identification and documentation –

    Have all the important and essential travel and identification documents in place.ID Proofs, tickets, medical prescriptions and everything should be kept in one place and with one person so that it is easy to hand over to the authorities whenever required.

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